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  1. gmc2003

    Salmon - Kettle Style

    Man was/is it hot here today. Only about 81* but the humidity is killing me. Well, it's my last day of vacation bummer, and we were looking for something besides pork, beef or poultry for supper. I thought to myself how about salmon. So yesterday I had picked up a couple of salmon fillets from...
  2. smokinsuds

    Featured Had to clear out my summer harvest of Chinook and Coho to make room for Elk/Deer....

    It's been a few years since I've posted on here but thought ah what the heck! My smoked salmon is a big hit so figured I would spread the love... I'm running a custom cedar smokehouse but basic propane/wood for smoke. I tend to stick with apple and cherry for fish so it's not too overbearing. I...
  3. A

    Cold smoking fish in the caribbean or similar climate?

    So I've been wanting to cold smoke some fish like wahoo and swordfish but I'm unsure if I'm able to because of the climate that I'm in, its pretty hot. and i dont know how i feel about fish sitting outside for several hours at that temp. Any of you guys around Florida or those areas cold smoke...
  4. A

    Cold Smoking in Alberta

    Good evening everyone, my first post here, what a great forum to find, so much great information and knowledge. I've recently moved to Alberta, Canada from the London, England with my family. My father-in-law and I have decided to set up a cold smoker using his old stand up freezer, and...
  5. S

    How do you smoke haddock and pollock?

    So in the fall in New England haddock and pollock runs are intense. I have a very simple smoker, nothing fancy. Any suggestions?
  6. 7

    Waiting to Smoke Salmon After Brining?

    Hey everyone, new member here and relatively new to smoking meats. I’ve been creeping around the forum for some time just learning different things about smoking and have a question that I really need some clarification on. I have a small electric smoker and have been smoking my own salmon and...
  7. C

    Featured Need info on brine and/or nitrate brine for saltwater smoked fish

    Hello.. Merry Christmas to all.. looking for brine and/or nitrate brine recipe for smoking fish. Also once brined, smoked and containerized, what is it’s shelf life under refrigeration?
  8. L

    Opinions Needed

    I'm more of a lurker right now, and do enjoy it here, Will become more active in the future, I have a few questions I'm hoping to get help with. In the near future we will be moving to Tennessee (Tri Cities Area) is there any reputable meat markets where we can buy say an entire beef/hog or...
  9. VegSmoker


    We’re new to the smoker world & planning a taco night. Anyone have a pork belly or fish taco recipe they love & want to share?!? Tips? Tricks? Advice? We’re flexible on meats so share any must make smoked taco recipes you have- I picked fish because our neighbors love it and they are coming over...
  10. Rmartinez2

    Help with Fish

    Hey Everyone I'm thinking about diving into grilling and smoking fish, however I hardly have any experience with it at all. I'm a beef lover through and through and I do eat fish but generally sushi or ceviche which we just dice it up and throw it in some lime juice for a couple hours. I...
  11. ewsouth

    Grilled Whole Red Snapper Recipes?

    Hi All! New here to the SMF and love it! I rock a Pit Boss 1100 Pro Series, and today i picked up two whole fresh Red Snapper from the Fabian Seafood any good recipes that anyone uses on whole grilled fish? I've done Salmon but not Snapper yet. Cheers! Eric
  12. F

    Smoking fish and meat in the same smoker

    Hello all great to be here. Now the tilte might seem kind of stupid, but I am asking anyway. I am interested in a Traeger timberline 850 or 1300. I have been smoking for years but always with separate smokers, for obvious resons (fish smell, etc.) Now I don't have the space for two smokers...
  13. 73saint

    Blackened Bass and Fresh Salsa

    this dish came out so good, I had to post and share. My dad is enjoying retirement, and was fishing a stocked farm pond the other day. He stopped at my office yesterday and gave me six beautiful bass filets. So on the way home I grabbed some avocados and fresh salsa fixings. Nothing like...
  14. schlotz

    Cedar Salmon w/marinade

    Salmon on Cedar w/Dad's Marinade Recipe By: Matt Serving Size: 2 Summary: Dutch (my Dad) developed this wonderful marinade that allows the great flavor of the salmon to stand tall and not be covered up by over powering ingredients. Ingredients: Marinade: 4 Tbs olive oil, extra light 2 Tbs...
  15. disco

    Quick Glazed Salmon

    We don't get a lot of decent salmon here in the Canadian Rockies. One thing that is available in the frozen section are small pieces of wild Sockeye salmon. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were working in the yard and orders were given for salmon for dinner. I was too busy (read lazy) to do...
  16. B

    New Smoker, New to Smoking. Love Seafood and spicy! TIPS NEEDED!

    Hello, New to all of this. First forum. Bare with me! Ive smoked a butt one time 2 years ago. Someone let me borrow their electric smoker and I WAS HOOKED! So I finally bought my first smoker. Masterbuilt Pro. Any pointers on first use for it and from there, what would be a good starting point...
  17. hunter rose

    Getting it done with salmon

    Made a new salmon rub that came through with lots of flavor... just 2 hours of dry brining and this had tons of flavor and moisture. After the dry brine and rub, cooked at a lower temp for a short time then 250 until IT 135 - 140ish until the white pellicle begins forming. Garlic butter drizzle...
  18. smoke83340

    Dried Fish

    Hi All and happy new year! I've not posted in a long time but I do read things. I have a MES 30 electric. A friend says she takes dried fish on backpacking trips. Are there any threads on drying fish [I assume that is past the jerky stage], safety, etc. that anyone remembers? Alternatively...
  19. T

    First Smoker Build - Holding Cabinets to DIY Electric Smokers?

    Hi all, I recently picked up two used Cres Cor aluminized steel holding/proofing cabinets-- they were supposed to come with the heating element and control box at the bottom, but after I had already paid for them and when I came to pick them up, guess what? No heat box. Also, they had been...
  20. D

    If there ain't no wood, it ain't no good!

    A builder called me when footprint of a new house required a pecan tree to come down. Now I have about 300 pounds of chunked dried pecan for smoking. I used up three Brinkman smokers, putting thin "planks" of pecan directly onto the heating element. Now I have one of the electric fully-enclosed...