Yup, another request for help on building an offset RF smoker!!

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Mar 26, 2014
Quebec, Canada
Hi guys! Like the title sort of transpires, I'm new to the whole smoking world.

I did my homework by looking on internet and came up with the conclusion that horizontal offset smoker would be the ideal cost/result compromise.

The intent is to have the smoker at our cottage in Quebec where the summer temperature ranges from 20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F). No electrical power will be available for the smoker so I'll end up using wood or charcoal for the combustion. Another variable in the project is that our lake is full of brook tout and I would like to be able to cold smoke 'em. So havin a mix of hot/cold offset smoker would be ideal.

I'm looking for directions to start the build. I was planning to use the typical 45 GL metal drum with a 1/3 smaller drum for the fire chamber. 

Thanks in advance for you useful tips.

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Have you looked at the UDS... (Ugly drum Smoker)..... With the aid of an AMNPS, you can cold and warm/hot smoke in one of those....
I really like your suggestions.  I just had a look at the AMNPS and upon reading the instructions, i realised that it says: "A good bed of coals is necessary to keep the AMNPS burning properly"

I was wondering if the heat from the coal is not gonna ruin the whole cold smoke process???
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Thanks to your suggestions I have a better idea on how i could set up my smoker.

For the heat source I was thinking of using an infrared burner for a rotisserie in the bottom of the drum, in conjunction with the AMNPS that you mentinoned.

I was wondering if this combination has been tested and proven succesful??
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I think this tread should be moved to the UDS section instead.

Anyway, I cam up with a "sketch" of my future setup and wanted to know what you ink of the design and confirm that this would be suitable to obtain great moking, hot/cold.

I decided to go for the propane infrared heater just to prevent having to open the drum to add coal during the smoking to keep the 275 F and loosing heat in the process.

Also, I think the propane way is more stable and easer to control.

Awaiting you 2 cents ;)
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If the IR burner consumes the smoke..... flame has tendency to burn up smoke, change positions..... AMNPS inside the UDS and IR outside......
The IR heater would be underneath and the AMNPS above. The pellets would be burned using the same method as for cold smoking (self consuming). My concern is if I'll be able to obtain 275F with the IR heater.
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