Offset Smoker from 200 Litre Air Receiver Tank

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Wet Spaniel

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Dec 10, 2017
Hi all, after some tyre kicking whether to make a reverse flow or standard offset for my first build, I've opted for standard offset. This is going to be my first smoker build and also my first foray into any form of fabrication or welding so don't hold your may well be a looong build. The plan is to cut 1/3 from the cylinder to use as the firebox rather than building a square one from scratch - as I'll be getting to grips with the welding etc I'd rather walk before I start running.

I'm currently cutting the fixtures & brackets from the tank and putting a bill of materials together for the additional steel I will need. I have a couple of questions that I'd like to run by you guys if I may, as a complete novice, I'm grateful of any suggestions or experience.

I would really like to make some hinges similar to those in the picture, the trouble is that from the suppliers I can use, I'm struggling to get a perfect fit with the OD of bar matching the ID of the tube so that it can be reduces slightly to get a nice tight fitting hinge. The closest I can get is the OD of the bar being 2mm (0.787") smaller than the ID of the tube - would this be too much slack and result in a rattly ill fitting hinge?

My other question is that with the cylinder being domed, would a collector (typical of a franklin smokestack collector) be neccessary or would a 90 degree tube fixed directly to the centre of the dome have good enough airflow?

I'm fairly out in the sticks so i don't have a steel shop just around the corner, so I'd like to get as much of the materials together in one hit if I possibly can.



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I started my build a couple of days ago. After a grim session with my 30 year old (very cheap) angle grinder, I called it a day and went and ordered a new one - the difference was unbelievable. Spent the afternoon trimming all of the fittings/valves from the cylinder and then took the end dome off. The plan is to remove 1/3 of the cylinder to use as the firebox, buy I’ve got it in my head to make the cook chamber domed at each end by reatteaching the end piece once I’ve removed the FB Section. I was keen to get into the cylinder as I had no idea of the thickness of the steel. I want to order the materials for the build and figured it would be best to match the thickness of any new steel to that of the existing- it’s not the thickest in the world at 4.5mm but at least I can keep consistency.


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not exactly at the stacking dimes stage yet!! Apart from 10 minutes with a stick welder some years ago, I’ve never welded. I treated myself to a gas/no gas mig a while back and thought I’d better start working out how to use it. Fortunately I’ve got plenty of practice steel before I dare attempt anything on the actual smoker - I think I’ll need all the practice I can get. I’m using flux core gas less wire due to my only workshop being made of timber and too small to work in so my welding will all be outside - I’m based in Yorkshire in England and its probadly too exposed/windy for gas where I am.


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If you reattach the domed end instead of making a flat one the firebox will be a real chore to get on there I'd think. RAY is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.