WSM design

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Aug 31, 2013
Good morning Everyone, I am wondering if anyone else has had the issue with rain/melted snow getting into the bottom of their WSM? I see the issue is the lid and center piece does not overlap like the kettles do. Not sure why they didn't design it with the same concept but it has me baffled. Just an idea and didn't know if anyone else had that issue.
Ya I just got done removing ice that got in from the rain we had here and cleaned it up. I do have the cover but there are times I forget to get it back on it and I don't have that problem with the kettle so trying to find out why the lid wouldn't be designed the same way as the kettles. I will be putting on the cover or inside the garage it comes
I don't know why they designed them that way.

If your smoking & get a hard storm the bottom will fill up with water.

Also, my cover is getting old & the WSM is outside in the weather, so when it rains the bottom gets water in it.

To fix that I just put a huge garbage bag over the WSM, then put the cover over that.

Bought a cover for mine and moved it inside after the  charfatsickle that was found in the spring...lesson learned.   Get a cover or move it inside and remember to clean it out after use ;-) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.