WSM 22.5 ~Question~

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Mar 16, 2010
South Jersey
Hey All,

I have been looking to purchase a WSM 22.5 for some time now... I have searched the Forum & Online and seems that is the best option price wise...

Please let me know if anyone knows of anywhere cheaper... As of Right now my total on Aim To Find would be about $364 if i decide to pull the trigger...
I know people love these things but man thats a lot for a charcoal smoker. Hell you can build a uds for 125 or less.
I have 2 gas smokers right now, so i wanted to go with something Charcoal or even Wood (for my own benefit & in case i decide to do more comps)... no more than $300-400 in price... I have had my eye on the WSM for some time now.... I am open to any other suggestions (in that price range), but not sure that my skill level (or free time) is up to par on building my own (something i would def consider doing down the road)...

If anyone has any other options please let me know

(or any websites i can get the WSM 22.5 cheaper than $364)...

I have a WSM 22.5 and would highly recommend one. The price is right too. I paid $399 for mine with free shipping & no tax.
Steve I have the GOSM and I have another GOSM at Walmart waiting for pickup for camp I also have my Lang and an electric ECB and if I were to go buy a charcoal smoker today it would be the WSM from what I have read and what our members have posted about it I wouldn't even consider another charcoal fired unit.
Can't speak for the 22.5, but I pulled the trigger on the 18.5 at the end of December.  Everywhere else I looked it was 299, but on aimtofind it was 249 and free shipping.
Yeah, I just checked Sears and that $320 didnt include tax & shipping... with that it was pushed well for $400... I even had a Coupon Code for free shipping... they said it could not be used with that product...

I spoke with a sales rep @ the $364 is set for a few more weeks... i will think it over and look a bit more....
Make sure you check the model number. I have found that the 22.5 is model # 731001 and the model # 721001 is the 18.5. Some websites don't make it very clear which one you are actually ordering.

My self, ordered the 22.5 from lowes, b/c I have an account and it should be in this week, can hardly wait!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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