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Wrapping brisket vs stove


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I understand that many believe that brisket should be wrapped around 165-175 degrees. If I am wrapping my brisket, is there a reason to keep it in the smoker or just putting it in the stove (wrapped) at the same temp? I think stove has significantly more stable temperature and better seal. So if brisket is not getting more smoke because of wrap, why keep it in the smoker?

Thank you


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You are correct once foiled it does not matter both are just ovens.
Some people up the temp in the oven and some of us don't


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You can cook it anyway you want you wrap it. But I will suggest buying a roll of pink butcher paper instead of using foil. Itll save your bark and that’s just about the best part of the brisket in my opinion.

Good luck

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I use butcher paper, so I keep mine in the smoker under the impression that the paper allows some breathing, thus some extra smoke flavor penetrates. Whether this is actually true, I have no idea.

However, anything that I pan or foil I bring inside and stick in the oven for the exact reason you stated above.


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Yep, you can just cook it in the oven the rest of the way.

FWIW, I don't wrap my briskets at a specific temp but wrap when the bark is set and reaches the color of my liking. I also use butcher paper. Also, depending on your smoker, it most likely has a steadier temperature than your oven. Ovens temps can yo-yo quite and bit and there is nothing really wrong with that.

When I do briskies on the stick burner, I take them off when I wrap and put them either in my electric smoker or oven. 5-6 hours manning the off-set is all I can take usually. I'm a lazy smoker.


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Maybe wrapped in butcher paper and then placed in an uncovered aluminum pan in the oven would retain some of the bark.


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Some smokers will maintain a more even temp. I checked our oven a while back and it had a 26° swing back and forth from set temp.( Not really a deal breaker by any means) but if you prefer a set temp for your cook.


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I like to consolidate my mess to one spot so stick with the smoker. Now when I say “I” I mostly mean my wife LOL

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