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Master of the Pit
Original poster
May 12, 2013
Newark on Trent, United Kingdom.
Hello.  Wanting to experiment.  Being from Tx. I would smoke cardboard with mesquite and be quite happy to chow down.  
  I know it is not to everyone's taste.  Has anyone tried toning it down with cherry, apple or something sweeter; less "in your face"?  Pecan,oak and even hickory mix well but never tried mesquite.  All advice welcome. Thanks. Keep Smokin!

I've mixed mesquite with cherry, apple, and pecan. I'm not a mesquite fan but had mesquite to use so mixed to tone it down. Was heavy on the other woods and lighter on the mesquite.
I almost exclusively smoke with oak we have locally. The price is right FREE!!!! I will buy the chunks of apple, cherry and hickory, but usually go back to oak. I will get a bit crazy at times when I can get it and throw some orange wood into the fire. The crazy part is I don't let it fully season, only a couple months at most. I find that with it still on the light green side it will put out more flavor. In my humble opinion with the fruit woods, you loose too much of the flavor when they get to old. I do have some pecan that I want to try, just fixed the chain saw so now I can cut it to size.

Hello.  Thanks Case.  My English wife actually likes straight mesquite, which was a surprise but I wanted to tone it down for our friends. Def. more sweet wood than mesquite.  I just didn't see it working in my head.  Thought it might be just odd flavours.  Thanks. Keep Smokin!

Hello Chef.  Pecan wood?  You will be happy with the results.  Mix that pecan with cherry wood.  When I was back in Tx. I almost only used mesquite.  Now living in England I want to tone it down a bit.  Afraid I will scare off folks if the smoke is too strong.  Keep Smokkin!

I feel the same way about oak as KC5 feels about mesquite. I'd be ok if I never used anything else. Never to a shine to mesquite myself and I've been smoking for a lot of years. Never tried pecan until just a few years ago and it adds a wonderful flavor either by itself or, as I use it, combined with oak.
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