Wood for Smoking Cheese

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Dec 21, 2015
Dayton, OH
Hey guys, I just smoked my first batch of cheese last weekend, and am going to do some more today.  I know most people use apple, or some kind of fruit wood for smoking cheese.  All I have right now is hickory pellets.  Does anyone use hickory on cheese?  
I use hickory on cheddar, cheddar mixes and swiss.  I cut a standard store bought block in about 3/8 in thick slices to lay out on my cold smoker for about 20 minutes of smoke.  We let it sit a while hour or two to dry just a little then zip lock bag our extra.  It usually does not last too long around here, but we have froze it also, gets a little crumbly, but still has the great flavor and is great on baked potatoes or mac and cheese.

You can always experiment with a small batch of different types and different woods.

Good luck to you..

I prefer apple, but have used hickory many times. 

Just don't smoke it as long. Two hours is plenty of smoke for us with hickory.

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