Wish me Luck. First Brisket!

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Original poster
Jun 24, 2006
Walterboro SC
Well guys about to put my first Brisket in the smoker.
I haven't hun gout here in a while. I went through a stage where I smoked so much I am now finaly ready to get it going again.
Got me a small 7pounder. Didnt want to get nothgin to big for my first go round. Rubbed it last night with some basic spices and fixin to go out now and put it in.
Wish me luck and I got the foil and cooler set to the side so we will see.
Meowey, Need you ask .. laugh .. I am also making Boston Baked Beans.. seeing how I am from Boston and it is called Beantown for a reason. So, Yea .. I'll post some pics .. I'm also making bacon today <have pics of that also> and the wife is making dirty rice.

Yes there will be pictures..
I went out and added more wood chips and man my mouth is watering. :P
Good luck on your smokes, folks! My smoker is cold today. I have a friend coming over who will be doing a "special" meal for me. We"ll see how that turns out. Uhhhh, no promise of pics on that one!

First round after 5hrs hit 175. Now tim eto wrap and put back in..
This thing is killing me I am ready to eat it now..


Gotta go get a paper towel and clean up the keyboard!
Not exactly sure. She's due here in an hour. Raining like hell, though. Spoke earlier and it will be in indoor cook. We'll just have to see.

I am sure that I can assume that your smoke is going well?

We have an overcast here.. just one light sprinkle.. looks like rain though, but that won't stop the smoking because the smoker is on the back porch and the smoke is going very well, Thanks. My son will be here at 5pm for his B'day dinner. Enjoy your dinner and company and relax today.

Have fun,
Just a quick note, Joe.

Looks like a loaded lasagna, Chianti, a bunch of salad fixin's, and a lot of stuff I have yet to identify. You see, my friend's mother once told her that my lasagna was better than her's. I think that's what's happening now! Whatever! Nothing like a little North End treat, eh?

Sunds yummy.. being an italian and growing up with my nana and mother both great cooks .. the gene was past down to me ... I haven't made lasagna in some time .. but have made lots of gravey <sauce> .. We often go into the North End .. we missed the farmers market this weekend .. I still make homemade pasta ..

Ciao Brother Monty,

Mmmmm someone say Lasagna..Next meal Smoked Lasagna LOL

Its out hit 200 at 4pm. So got it wrapped and in cooler will take it out and slice at 6..Will get a shot of it then..God that thing smells somthing wondeful.
I keep wanting to attack it now but got to restrain myself :shock:
Just a little off topic BS 'twixt a couple of friends! But I must tell ya, the oven is goin' and the lasagna is cookin' and I am having a hard time resisting, too! I'll bet that lasagna will be good, too!

Can't wait for the pics, bro!
I can resist many foods .. but pasta I can't resist .. brings back memories when we'd have pasta twice a week... on wednesday and on sunday .. mmmmmmmmm I'm getting hungry.

At this point in time it looks like I am going to be treated to not only what appears to be the best lasagna I have ever laid eyes on but also a superior garlic bread, steamed veggies and a few other as yet to be disclosed thingies!
Lord help me!
Monty .. yer killing me .. I've been tasting sauces all day... and had 1 english muffin.. and a taste of baked beans .. I'll have to give you my nana's recipe for manicotti's including the shell...

Guys I would love a good Lasagna Receipe..
Well here is what it looks like un wrapped.
I sampled of course.. Not to shabby. for my first one. I think next time I will marinade over night instead of rub. But I would have to says its pretty tasty. Doesn't look as good as the first pic. But here it goes.

Also a buddy of mine told me to put it sliced into a baking pan and sop my mop to it then cover and cook for another hr. Might try that with the leftovers tomorrow.
Hope yours turns out Great Joe!! Beans in the oven and Corn on the Cob has been shucked. Hadn't gotten to put the corn in the smoker yet Keep forgetting.
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