Wish me Luck. First Brisket!

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Give it it's time to rest and you will be rewarded :)

Joe and Monty, save a little of that lasagna for me, I'll be there in about 16 hours :D
OK, Joe, I am gonna come clean.....There were several Italian marriages into the family on my mother's side. All North End inhabitants. One of which owned several food concerns from take out to delightful dining. And, since I am a quick study when it comes to my passions, food is right up there, I worked a bit in the establishments.

Now, I do not have the recipes, that was forbidden territory, but I learned a lot of the technique and basic wherewithall. Since that point I have developed a pretty good sense of Italian, Gena is sorta kinda staring over my shoulder right now so I must behave!

So, when it comes to building a lasagna, putting together Italian sweet/hot sausage or getting up a cacciatore I can hold my own. Not to mention I do some wicked sauces and also make my own pasta. I could go on but we are way off topic and maybe we can open up a new topic somewhere else. Flavor is KING!

So there, another day, another chapter. And thank you for offering your nana's recipe! I will cherish it!

Monty very interesting.. I am sure you can hold your own.. most people on here can for they love to cook and love good food. I took my wife to the North End on our first date .. I'll send that out to you tomorrow sometime .. the kid is on his way..

Jimmy, it's wrapped up ... funny.. I have beans in oven also and the corn is shucked .. also made cole slaw and the wife made dirty rice. I'll get a pic of those too..

JimmyB you have done it! Congratulations on a great smoke! I hope you have learned as we have right along with you and thank you ever so much for sharing your experience right along with us!

I must apologize, though for stealing some of your show! But that happens when friends get together! Thank you again for making it all happen.

Now, Rodger, tonight's party is private. But if you arrive in sixteen hours you are chancing a small bit of leftover if any at all! Sorry, bud! Better luck next time!
If you get into this food hobby not having any patience/restraint, you soon learn/develop some in a big hurry. Nice post and pictures Jimmy-even if your thread did get hijacked a bit. The idea of smoked lasagna doesn't sound to bad or too far fetched either!

JoeD-If you don't mind sharing your nana's recipe, I'd like a copy too, please. :)
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