WINGS for the game, OOOHHH YEH !

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
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So the last few days I had asked for others opinions on doing wings. Thanks to all for their responses and will eventually try all recipes but started with injecting them and dusting afterwords. I'll post some Q view.
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Just before kickoff and this was what we ended up with. I think they turned out good, next time gonna pull em off just a little bit sooner as some were a little overdone. All in all glad I had some good wings cause the game left a lot to be desired, not even competitive :mad. Oh well, there's always next year.:beercheer: to y'all and thanks for lookin. Justin
I wish mine came out looking that good
Thanks for the kind words Shinny, but I'am sure yours turned out great !
Very nice, Justin!  Love the color on those wangs...they look delicious.  Great job!


Thanks Red, I really appreciate it! It was the first time I done them like that so was a little nervous. Not nervous of the recipe but rather the possibility of operator error, but they turned out quite tasty. Thanks again, Justin
Thanks ds, means a lot coming from you.... Thanks for your guidance, your one of the greats on this forum :77: Appreciate it ! Justin
Thanks oldschoolbbq, I really appreciate the positive feedback, your input really means a lot to me !! Your one of the greats on this site and I'am humbled by your kind remarks.... Come on over and we'll smoke some up... Justin
Thanks Foam, you being one of the greats on this site, I again am humbled by your kind remarks..... Justin
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Those look delicious!  If I may ask, about what was the temp and time you used?

Sure, no prob. Grill was at 265* for 3-4 hours depending on each wing, time just depends on how big/small your wings are. Hope this helps, if not ask anything that may help more ..., Justin
Thanks Foam, you being one of the greats on this site, I again am humbled by your kind remarks..... Justin
Don't confuse my rambling with the wisdom of the master. I am not afraid to wade in and try something, where the masters already know the answers. There is a lot of wisdom available here, I am still working on gathering knowledge thru experience..

I do love that smoke smell though. I missed my calling I should have opened a chain of smokehouse restaurants. Bah! If I had I would never have gone home....LOL The employees would talk about the boss sleeping in the smokehouse.
You're a daisy if you do...  

Awesome wings Justin.  I'm sure these will be a long time favorite with your family as they are with mine.  I see you toned a few down as we discussed. ... for those with less experienced pallets LOL. 

Don't wait till next year man.  I cook these for every holiday!  

Again, nice job.  Keep the smoke coming man.

I'm your Huckleberry !!! Thanks BD, your such a great and helpful part of this forum. Thanks for your input and help... One of the greats on here.., thanks again, Justin
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