Wild Turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by magnum3672, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Everything I've seen about smoking wild turkey suggests wrapping it in bacon if its been skinned (a common practice for us due to time constraints in the woods)

    Didn't know if there were other suggestions before smoking it.

    I'm going to brine it so that should help with the drying out problem.  I heard something also about some 4 hour rule?  I don't want to get sick from it staying at a low temp too long.
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    Never Smoked it Used to Drink It...
  3. Haha, Not what I meant but thanks for the laugh.

    Actually my dad is going hunting this weekend for wild turkey (I can't make it out unfortunately) so I'm trying to prepare ahead of time.
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    Oh boy you putting the cart before the horse by figuring out how to smoke it before you even have a dead bird. haha You might have just jinxed your dad. I grilled one for a buddy many years back and it was good. I didn't think I would like it at all and expected it to have a wild taste since I had never tried it before but it was really good.
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    I just smoked one of my wild turkey breasts and wish I had brined it. Did wrap it in bacon after putting some rub on it though and it helped keep some of the moisture in.
  6. How high of a temp did you smoke it?  I'm going to aim for 300 since I found out what the 4 hour rule is
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    Good Luck with the smoke. Send pix
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    I only have one question. Why would you smoke it at 325 or even 300 if it was skinned? Unless it's so large your worried about the 4 hour rule, then why not spatchcock it? But like beer I've never smoked a wild turkey, so this is why I'm asking.
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    I'm not big on Turkeys, but I know the ones my son shoots in archery season are a quite dry when he roasts them, and the drumsticks suck (full of big hard splinters).

    I would think for getting it through the danger zone, it would depend a lot on how big it is, to tell you what temp it should be at.

    I also like Al's idea of spatchcocking it.

  11. Turns out the one we have in our freezer is just a breast.  So I could probably go down to about 250 and not have to worry about it.  I'm tempted also to buy a chicken and steal its skin to cover the turkey with.  I don't know what I'd do with the chicken then though.  Maybe some sausage?
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    Now that you are doing "just a breast", I would definitely throw a bunch of Bacon on it!

  13. Thanks for the help!

    I think this smoke will have to be put off til monday since my father wants to partake in the turkey.  Til then I'll have to settle for some fatties and some shrimp

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