Wild rice & butter stuffed chicken breasts

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Oct 18, 2007
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Well I was trying to make something like Chicken Kiev but it didn't really turn out as planned. I picked up some nice big cheap chicken breasts at Sam's club a few weeks back and I wanted to try stuffing them with wild rice, butter and spices but when I tried to cut them open to make a pocket inside I found that there was no way that was happening. I ended up butterflying them and then rolling them back up and I had to tie them shut. They don't look so good but what can you do. I smoked them at around 275 for a around 1.5 hours and pulled them once they reached 170. I stuffed them with wild rice, butter and a bunch of seasonings that the wife put in there. They didn't turn out like I wanted because I couldn't create a pocket inside but they were still awesome. Here are some of the pics.

Here are all the ingredients.(I didn't end up using the breading)


All cut open and stuffed and ready to be rolled and tied.


All tied up and covered in some seasoning. (Horrible tie job)


All done and sliced open.


Horrible plate pic but its the only one I took.


I will definitely be making this again.
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Holy guacamole...those look great!!

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