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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bigrub, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. bigrub

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  2. bigrub

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    friend shoot a wild pig, fired up 35 gal UDS. had tenderloins, loins and two butt pcs. Mustard and dry rub over night. Tied tenderloins together and also the loins. Wrapped tenderloins with bacon and put Rosemary on loins. smoked to 150 deg. Butts toe 160 and the foiled and smoked to 205. Made some barbecue sauce for the pulled pork using smokey drippings.
  3. daveomak

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    BR, morning...... Nice looking pig on your drum.......   I notice you are into "creating" your smoking equipment.....   Great stuff you have done...   How'd the pig turn out ??   

  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Wow! That's quite the smoke! Bet it all was tasty!
  5. bigrub

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    Tenderloins in bacon were outstanding and tender. The loins taste great but will need to be sliced thin. I liked the apple for smoking the pork. Used some fat and dripping for a barbecue sauce for the pulled pork, outstanding. Need another pig. It is fun making the smoking things. I think next I get the big box out and do some cold smoking of cheese and salmon before it gets too hot outside.

  6. mr t 59874

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    Now that really looks nice BigRub, good job.

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  7. Nice!
  8. gmc2003

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    Man I love it when a good smoke comes together...

  9. Albeit that was really good.........[​IMG]
  10. big game cook

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    nice. thanks for sharing. looks like quite the feast.
  11. it looks great. i like the UDS.that reminds me i need to smoke a bunch more cheese before it gets hot.

    happy smoken.

  12. bigrub

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    I find the 35 gal drum is just the right size for me, with two racks and the dome top you can do a lot of smoking. I can use the Cabal's electric element with Harbor Freight router controller or a basket of charcoal.
  13. so that's what i did. i smoked some cheese.

    see what you made me do Bigrub

    happy smoken.

  14. dward51

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    So how does wild pig taste in comparison to farm raised or big box store bought?  Is there any special prep required like with some other wild game meats?
  15. it is a lot leaner. you have to be careful not to dry it out. it taste great!

    happy smoken.

  16. bigrub

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    making big smoke is always good
  17. backwoods bbq

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    I can honestly say "it's the best damn meat God put on his green earth!" That cruelly verbatim of what my uncle says....he is absolutely right.
  18. backwoods bbq

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    As long as you kill it when it's COLD let it hang for a day or so in the freeze, field dress immediately after killing (most important cut the testicles off ASAP!) the absolute best is to catch a small piglet feed it out for a few weeks on corn the. Slaughter it smoke it low n slow whole!
  19. Good lookin meat.  OK.  I was station in El Toro and did basic at San Diego so I gotta ask.  Where the HE11 do you shoot a wild pig in that area??  Gang members ok, but wild pig?  BTW.  I hear gang members can be a little tough so marinade id advised. [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  20. bigrub

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    Ca has lots!!! of wild pigs now, big problem. Success rate is 1% on public land and 3% on private , a little better. These from  Tejon Ranch , have nice program, camp house, guides, etc.

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