Wild Card Weekend Menu!!

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No nothing serious, just something we go through many times daily!

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This is actually not bad... she wasn't outside long enough, normally she has a white ring around her nose from sticking her nose into snowbanks and icicles hanging from her whiskers... thus I dubbed them whisker cicles!


She is one pretty girl! I’ll bet those big brown eyes get her out of a lot of trouble! 😉
That sucks. If the trend keeps going, we'll need 16 subscriptions to watch football.
Sucks for sure! I totally forgot the KC game was exclusive to peacock. I don’t have that network because it’s junk and I refuse to be made to get that to watch a playoff game, burns me up actually. If they don’t want me to watch I’ll be happy to oblige. Guess I’ll save my extra cooking for tomorrow and find something else to do today, maybe more sausage!
Anyway, just wondering with you football fans if you have a plan for some Wild Card Weekend eats?! This is my favorite weekend of the playoffs!
I've got a sirloin flap that I will probably sous vide, and plenty of options for freezer diving. We were zapped with the Artic chill last night, -35°F (actual) this morning. The next two days won't be as bad.
Just a small batch of snacks… some beef EOR and pork loin! I can never make a batch of pork loin jerky without thinking of the ol Bear!

For some reason I had to go get a bag of my Thai jerky out if the freezer last night! And I'm with Jeff... pork loin or venison jerky is way cheaper.

Justin,I had plans to make some smoked snacks,ABT"s etc. Never made it to the store though as the power went out at 7AM,1/2 the roads were closed due to downed trees and never got power back until half time of the Browns game. Plans were changed to cold beer and a wee bit of Scotch. :)
Gave me some awesome memories on your post today. We had a dog that looked exactly like yours her name was Muffy but most of the time she got Muffy Mut.

Kali loves to do the Nala stomp! If you've never seen it then Google it. Wife is dang near too short but Kali loves going through my legs!

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