Butchering Pig

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Dec 30, 2023
Grey Eagle, MN
We are butchering a pig next Tuesday. Wondering what if any pork meat is good to dehydrate? Or best to stick with beef. Any recipes?
Loin and belly I think are the best cuts for dehydrating. But I think your dehydrater has to go up to 165° F, or cook it first for food safety ( so I've heard). I'm not an expert on dehydrating pork by any means. Just a few things I've heard around the campfire. I'm sure some of the guys in here will have much better advice for ya. Good luck with the hog cut.
Dehydrated aka jerky needs lean meat.
Center loin is my choice. The rear end make good roasts and the rib for extra meaty chops. Tenderloin is so nice a cut for other uses.

Minnesota home isn't too far from Grey Eagle. Son's girlfriend is from Bertha.
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I’m guessing you’d want to eat it sooner rather than later to prevent spoilage due to the fat? If kept in fridge, how long can the dehydrated bacon be kept? Forgot to ask the obvious. Do you fry the bacon first and then dehydrate or put bacon uncooked straight in to the dehydrator??
Thought this was discussed before? Blot the fat as it dehydrates to avoid any rancid flavours. Don't cook it prior. Dehydrate at 165F or higher. Should last a couple weeks in the fridge, longer if vac sealed, and left in the fridge. Even longer if vac sealed and frozen, but fat will come into play the longer you keep it, even frozen.
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