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Well I had the salmon I bought at WFF, put it on the flat top, and I made lox with the sushi grade filet's that I bought. Actually they are in the fridge ready to slice this AM. So on to my next project which was these Aged, USDA Prime, Dino bones. I smoked them on Friday for V-Day. I'll get right into the photo's!
I started with a pan with one can of French onion soup.
View attachment 432465

Put a rack on top.

View attachment 432466

Next the bones just fit over the pan.

View attachment 432467

I didn't put much seasoning on them, just some EVOO & pepper.

View attachment 432468

Fire up the Lang.

View attachment 432469
View attachment 432470

And into the smoker they go.

View attachment 432471

The smoker sat on about 250 all day. I just added a split every 45 minutes or so.

View attachment 432472

It's been about 4 hours in right here.

View attachment 432473

This is at the 6 hour mark. Probably another hour or so to go.

View attachment 432474

Here they are all done. It took them to 203-205 to get probe tender.

View attachment 432475
View attachment 432476
View attachment 432477

Now here is the cool thing. I was expecting to see a well done, meaning brown piece of meat when I cut the ribs, but as you can see the smoke penetrated all the way thru. That is one big smoke ring!!

View attachment 432478

Even after they were done, they were still about 3" thick!

View attachment 432479

Judy & I ended up splitting one rib & we were full, no sides or anything. So the next day we took the meat off the other 2 bones & made a sort of soup/stew.
Judy took the pan drippings, and de-fatted them in the fridge. Then we boiled down the stock added some veggies, cubed up the meat, added it, and then added some noodles.

View attachment 432481
View attachment 432482
View attachment 432480
View attachment 432483
View attachment 432485

And this was last nights dinner. View attachment 432486

Very good, tasty & filling. Have enough for tonight too.
Just to give you an idea how big these bones were, check this out!

View attachment 432484

Thanks for looking fellas!
The only thing I have left from WFF is a brisket, aged & prime. Can't wait to see how that goes!
I’ve been wanting to do these. Everyone calls them Dino bones but what cut am I actually looking for in the store Al?


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Excellent looking meals there Al. Knocked that one out of the park.
Like. . .


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Wow they look great, don't think I could have made soup out of the leftovers though, but the soup does look great also.
Thank you, the soup was pretty darn good, Mike!

oh yeah Al, they look great. nice pics
Thanks Jim!!
Nice looking ribs! I call dibs on being ur Valentine next year! LOL
Ha Ha, good one J!

Holy dino ribs! That smoke penetration is unbelievable! Nice cook Al! Looks like wild Fork has some nice quality stuff! That place is a great find for you.
Thank you! Yea that place will get a lot of business from me!

Those ribs (and the soup too) look fantastic!
Thanks Electric!
And your right they were good!

WOA!! those are HUGE and look so good. great cook and the soup looks great!
Thank you Sandy!
Appreciate it!

OMG !!!
I've made some Great Dino Ribs, but those "Prime Dinos" you got there, Al, are over the Top!!!
Totally Awesome!!!
Nice Job!!
One Question: Does that Pup in the last picture Retrieve???

Thanks a lot John!
And yes the pup does retrieve!


Now THAT is what I call good eating.

Nice work Al,

Thanks John!
I appreciate it!

WOW is right! WOW
Thank you & Your right, not much else to say!

Al that may be the deepest smoke ring I have ever seen. Love the use of the rack over the pan to give you nice pan drippings. I always use a pan of broth under my cooks too. Soup looks great as well. Great cook!
Thanks J!
The pan makes the clean up a lot easier too!

Thanks Derek!

Nice ribs!
Thanks Jake!!

WOW ! Very nice .
Thanks Chop!

Awesome cook Al very large meaty ribs and the soup would be to die for.
Have you made your next order from that meat supplier?

Thanks Warren!
Not yet, but they have so many choices, I'm sure it won't be long before I place another order!
Great job Al! Everything looks awesome.

Thanks Dave!
I appreciate it!

Wowser Al, you stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park! Beautiful piece of work, huge Like. RAY
Thanks Ray!
It was a fun cook!!

Those ribs look amazing al! The soup looks tasty also. Bet that rib meat gave it some great flavor. Big like

Thanks Ryan!
And yes the rib meat really put the soup over the top!!

Beautiful beef, Bro! Big like.
Thank you Disco!
Appreciate it very much!

Yabba, Dabba delicious!!! Those ribs are monstrous, and a thing of beauty.

Point for sure

Must be, he showing off his prize
Thanks Chris!
Yep I'm gonna bury it in the backyard!

I’ve been wanting to do these. Everyone calls them Dino bones but what cut am I actually looking for in the store Al?
You would want to get WHOLE Short ribs.
Here is a photo of the package.


Hope this helps. I'm going to insert this at the beginning of the thread too.

Excellent looking meals there Al. Knocked that one out of the park.
Like. . .
Thank you Sir!


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Those are some of the best looking dino ribs That I have ever seen !!

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