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    I have a whole turkey to smoke Sunday. Looking for a spicier recipe.

    Also wondering if I should split it in half?  I think its a  20 or so pound bird.
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    Here is a recipe that I use. Kids, grandkids all love the maple flavoring..............

     Smoked Maple-Brined Turkey Breast
    1. 11-12 pound turkey (or turkey breast)
    2. Maple Turkey brine
      1. 1 gallon water (divided)
      2. 1 cup kosher salt
      3. 14 oz real maple syrup
      4. 2 TBS of Jeff’s Original Rub
    3. Brining container or large zip top bag
    4. Maple syrup
    5. Jeff’s Original Rub
    6. Maple Barbecue sauce
      1. 8 oz maple syrup
      2. 2 TBS Jeff’s Original Rub
    7. Foil pan large enough to rest turkey breast in
    • Make the brine –
                Mix all brine ingredients (including 1 quart of the water) and heat to ensure totally mixed. Add the remaining 3 quarts of cool, unheated water to cool down.
    • Clean turkey and put into container large enough for the bird and the brine.
    • Pour brine over turkey to ensure total immersion.
    • Put turkey/brine in refrigerator overnight.
    • Next day remove turkey and rinse well to remove any residual salt.
    • Place the turkey in an aluminum pan and pour maple syrup over it ensuring to coat entire bird.
    • Sprinkle Jeff’s Original rub all over the turkey, including under the skin.
    • Preheat smoker to between 225 and 250 degrees.
    • Place turkey directly on the grate with the breast side up (can use a Bradley rack or similar item for ease of movement).
    • Using pecan, maple, cherry, apple or other fruit wood – smoke for 3 hours.
    • At the 3 hour mark start mopping the turkey with the maple barbecue       sauce (heat syrup in microwave and then mix in rub to make sauce)
    • Continue to cook turkey, basting occasionally until turkey reaches 165 degrees.
    • Place turkey in a foil pan and cover, allowing it to rest for 30 – 45 minutes.
    A 7.5 pound turkey breast took 4.5 hours; therefore a 12 pound breast should take around 6 – 7 hours.  2016 – a 15 pound breast went into a 275 oven at 6:30 and moved to smoker at 8:30 and was done at 12:30 (to rest).

    Good luck..............
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    Turned out great, thank you. That is one of the recipes I was considering.

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