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  1. I have an 11 pound brisket and a 7 pound butt going on the smoker tonight. My goal is to have them both done at 5, rest for about 2 hours and ready to serve by 7.
    I'm thinking 12 hours for the butt, and 16 for the beef. Brisket goes on at 1 and the butt at 5. No sleep for me tonight! Smoking temp will be 225. I'm not going to inject the brisket but I plan to wrap it at 170, then start probing for doneness at 195.
    Sound like a solid plan? Any pointers? I gotta get this dang brisket right!
    Thanks in advance!
    More pics to come
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    Sounds like ya have a good plan..... Just keep in mind each piece of meat is different & has a mind of their own so to speak..... Good luck & look forward to Q view throughout your smoke !
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    Sounds like a good estimate, but remember it is an estimate

    Basically what I have learned and have applied

    1) "Guestimate" between  1.5 to 2 hrs per lb (planning purposes)

    2) Use you temp probe and shoot for 190-195 for a brisket (my preference)

    The final say is neither of these but testing the meat for doneness.

    The first two are  just helpers to try to get you in the ballpark.

    My large portion of my brisket was "done" using the toothpick test at 190F

    The smaller portion had to go to 195F for the same tenderness and this

    The chuck passed the toothpick test at 190F
  4. Everything is an estimate with smoking. I've had butts that I thought were going to take 18 hours finished in 12. Ya never know what's going to happen
  5. Brisket is on at 1:15, which is right on time for me. It's a tight squeeze in there even with a can under it, but she's in there!
    I usually rub right before going on the smoker, but I let it sit for a couple hours this time and applied a little extra right before putting her in. Smells good already, it's gonna be a long night!
  6. Before you say anything, don't make fun of my door seal! It isn't pretty, but it keeps the smoke locked in,
  7. Brisket doesn't have to be lonely anymore.
    I added some Hickory to the oak for the pork and she's cranking out some pretty nasty looking smoke :-/
    Also adding the pork made my thermometer get a little loopy for some reason. I was holding steady at 230°, added 7lbs of 35° meat, and now the temp has "allegedly" shot up to 150°.I don't know what to believe
  8. Temp got up to 165,but then dropped down to 160 so I figured it was a good time to wrap. I put it in the pan with is drippings and added a little beef broth. I think I'm going to unwrap at 195 to help firm the bark up but also to just make it easier to probe to make sure it's done.
    I'm not sure where the butt is at, but I'm just gonna let it ride for a few more hours. I've never felt the need to wrap a butt through the stall
  9. Whole brisket after 40 minutes of resting
    Slices of point for burnt ends. Not much of a ring, but great bark and smoke flavor. I kinda wish I skipped on the burnt ends and just sliced the whole thing cause what I'm tasting now is great!
    Point cubed for burnt ends, with a little extra spog and some honey chipotle sweet baby ray's. I love that sauce on pork but I think it might be a little weird on the brisket. Oh well, I know I'm gonna have a great flat at least. She's resting in the cooler now until the guests arrive.
    That darn butt is making me eat my words. I've been stuck at 178° for ages, so I finally broke down and wrapped it but it still isn't budging!

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