Whole Beef Short Ribs - Heavy Bear/Q View

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May 20, 2011
Boca Raton, FL
I stumbled upon this site that gives methods for both Texas and Chicago style whole short ribs. 


I have been doing everything without foil lately, and wanted to try this particular cut without foil.  Mostly because I know in classic cooking, these things LOVE to be braised.  After reading the info on that site, I went for it.

I went with a modified version of MDM's rub.  Mrs. Scooper is always asking for Old Bay on things.  Plus I get the, "Does everything always have to be smoked?" all the time.  So I knew I could sell her on these if Old Bay was on them.

End result:  Freakin' awesome!  Moist, tender, with a good pull and bite.  Incredible flavor and smoke.  I will do them like this from now on.  I may use less sugar in the future, but the wife loves it the way it was. 

This is not a spicy rub, so add what ever you want if you want heat.

Dry Ingredients–Only
1/3 Cup granulated sugar
1/3 Cup brown sugar
3 tspn. Old Bay Seasoning (sh-h-h, secret ingredient of MDM)
6 Tbspns. Kosher Salt or Coarse Mediterranean Sea Salt
¼ tspn. of paprika
1 tspn. dry mustard powder
2 Tbspns. ground black pepper
1 Tbspn. garlic salt
1 Tbspn. dried onion
1Tbspn. dried basil

My version:

2/3 cup Turbinado sugar
4 TBLSP Kosher Salt
1 TBLSP Old Bay Seasoning

½ tsp Paprika
1 tsp Dry Mustard powder
2 TBLSP Coarse ground black pepper
1 TBLSP Granulated garlic
1 TBLSP Granulated onion
½ tsp Ground Rosemary

½ tsp Ground Bay Leaves


MGS 30

Hickory Chunks

225 average temp

Pulled out at 180 after 6 hours

No spritz, no foil

First a trip Restaurant Depot for the ribs.



Just beautiful!




I took off the silver skin on the top, and as much outer fat as i could get.


I have plans for this!


You saw this coming, right?


In they go for a 6 hour ride. I separated those 2 that are touching right after I snapped the pic.




Bear Drooling Time!  Various shots, with and without flash.





With Yukon Gold smashed 'taters, gold beets, and zucchini. 


One last Bear tease:


Thanks guys!  Yeah, raptor, that bark was off the charts.  I came home from work today and nuked one for a minute, and let it sit for a bit.  Damn was it good!

I meant to add something to the stats, but I just remembered about it.  I was pretty good about not peeking at them unless I was adding more wood, so the heat was constant.  But right at 147 IT degrees they hit a stall for around 25 - 30 minutes.  I knew that this had to be normal, so I just waited for the temp to start climbing, and sure enough it did.

Since spares and BB's are too thin to probe, I am sure they stall too, but we just don't know it. 
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Those look great, Scooper.  I usually braise mine, and I have been working up my courage?  I think you have pushed me over the edge!

Good luck and good smoking.
Damn Chef...I don't know how I missed these! They look great and I like the sound of that rub of yours...JJ
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Thank you, Chef! 

I am going to Restaurant Depot tomorrow.  I just might have to grab a pack of those. 
The grocery had dino bones on sale today but they where all shiners so I passed.  Your short ribs have lots of meat and makes we wish I had found some nice ones. 

Now Al tha only place that I have seen them ribs are at restuarant depot. They call them long bone short ribs and they are really good too.
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