Who remembers these?

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Steve H

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Feb 18, 2018
Newark New York
Back about 50 years or so. I must have went through 100's of these. Very much loved them. And almost got teary eyed when I saw them at the air show.


Not the same price by any means! But I had to buy them.
I was just in a Cracker Barrel restaraunt yesterday on my way home from NH and they had them.

Bought many of them at the local drug store as a kid.When I started getting a little older we'd combine them with something combustible.

One of my favorite toys as a young boy. Loved the gliders and the rubber band propellers ones. Used to buy them at the little family grocer on our little town. Stopping there and then the penny candy store after made for a great day.
Oh Yeah! They were a ton of fun! At least until they crashed and broke or landed on the roof or got stuck in a tree.😆...JJ
Thanks Steve H for the walk down memory lane. Most of the time I would throw a glider, it would go straight up and nosedive into the ground or bank and end up in the oak tree?! Never mattered how I slide the wings or threw it. And the nose tip always came off and if you squeezed it too hard to replace, the plane cracked. ! 🍻
Nice Steve , I remember and had gotten the ones in the yellow package . See we were poor and could not afford the motorized ones. Ha ha
So just the arm powered ones for us. They were a lot of fun

Thanks Steve

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I remember they had a rack that had a bunch of different toys, the planes paddle ball rocket cap bangers sling shots pickup sticks and jacks , like .50 or something dirt cheap. Dang now I feel really old lol
Oh hell yeah! I had one of those Jet Stream type that I had tuned perfect. Wind it, set it on the street and let her rip. It would fly in a circle 2.5 times and land. On a 22' wide street with curb and gutter. I have a big kid version now.


Crap, I forgot to put the geared winder in the pic. Lighter is for scale....
I played with those a lot as a kid, both versions. Definitely one of my favorite childhood toys.
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