Who Makes Their Own Seasonings (Rubs)

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Jun 8, 2015
I mainly make my own rub. I've made a lot from mixes I found here and on web for a good few years. Last year I was bored and ordered some of the rubs I see on some of the YouTube channels I watch. Glad I did, have found some pretty good ones.

So far have discarded three of them, too much damn salt! But try and move on.
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Dec 10, 2013
East of Tulsa, OK
I mix most of mine along with making salad dressings. Yes many people share their favorites here and many other sites and if I think it might fit my taste buds I give it a try. Many websites can be found to "copy cat" close to common brand items to make my own.

Like you I am not a big salt person but more importantly anything with MSG really messes me up for 12-24 hours and is included in a lot of commercial rubs and dressings.

I usually find a recipe that is close to what I have been putting together for my taste buds, like "Jeff's Rubs" for example but sometimes I try a little twist on the next batch to see how it works for me to fine tune it for my taste buds.

Yep, I have a cabinet full of spices that have saved me a lot of $ long term from not buying a Commercial brand, but just mixing a small batch of a close recipe and finding out I may not have not cared for it.

I see you are in North Texas, I have found Atwoods Farm and Ranch Supplys around here usually has a surprising large selection of seasonings at very reasonable prices if you happen to have one in your area to start with, Amazon is my choice if you need larger quantities.

Good luck to you finding what fits best for you.

tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
Lago Vista, Texas
Was wondering how many people make their own and would have one to share with the group?
Brian, I just posted this pic in the Superbowl Throwdown thread as it's one of the prizes I offered up for the winner. This is a selection of 8 rubs I keep on hand. Six of them are mine and U can share the recipe if you want me to. The Original and Texas versions are Jeff's and I cannot post the recipes for those.

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Aug 1, 2018
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Wow that will make a great prize! I putting your taco together next for a taco night coming up soon. Thanks Robert.


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Dec 27, 2022
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With the exception of Old Bay, I make everything myself.
A couple thoughts. First off is for most day to day cooking I don't use blends. I'll add each herb or spice individually to taste, adjusting as needed. That helps a lot in dealing with different brands or freshness, which can be a HUGE difference.

For mixing to recipies, I've found you basically have to use the same brand of each spice, and weigh them. Volume measuring is too inaccurate. And as I said before quality varies wildly. I have been buying freeze dried spices from a sausage supply, and some such as sage and nutmeg seem to be almost twice as potent as the grocery store brands


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Aug 13, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
I've been making my own ever since I joined the forum and found all the recipes.
I can also make them low/no sodium. I've used jj's Pastami rub for years and recently I've been using tx smoker tx smoker 's taco seasoning...


Jan 22, 2008
I make my own rub mainly for spare ribs.
about 1/2 of what I end up with is store bought cajun mix then I go to the cupboard and add (not measured) onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, a touch of chili powder, black pepper, and my secret ingredient ground cinnamon (gives it a little bit of heat and you can tell something is there but cant identify it. the cajun mix has more than enough salt in it and I try to not add anymore salt.
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