White Castle/Krystal style sliders on the Blackstone

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Feb 21, 2021
Midwest USA
This was a fun one. Not for the onion-faint-of-heart. Burger spiced up with some onion soup mix, steamed over a bed of onions - finished hard on the Blackstone. Buns steamed over onions.

And.. some pickles. Full write-up/recipe on Forensicbbq.com for the intrigued

I've got a Blackstone now...we can do that! Love onions

Look good from here. I made a couple attempts at White Castles. While good just not the same. Next time going to try making the buns. Man I miss those or even Krystals.
Can I get a dozen with a side of fries? Great, now I'm craving Krystals and I'm at work and sober!
I'll make similar to these from time to time on the Blackstone. I use that thing many times during the week.

I read somewhere that white Castle will get 18 sliders from one lb of meat. That's a lot of bang for their buck.....
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ForensicBBQ ForensicBBQ Looks great!

just need to figure out the bun.
GFS dinner rolls buy the sliced ones.

I gotta pretty good recipe down but plan to modify to make it even easier. Old method is to take the GB and add SP and mix to extract proteins. Place it in 1G ziplock, flatten, and freeze. Cut into squares before cooking. Yield is 9 so 1lb does to 18 in 2 bags. That said, I liked them a little more meaty and preferred 1.25lbs per 18. We buy 5lbs GB and break down in 4 packs... FYI the pickles are important for the flavor profile and use the hamburger/fast food style chips.
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