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Whine, whine


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Well Guys

Can I cry now, or am I only allowed to whine and snivel?  We're FINALLY gettig into the season to haul gravel onto oil leases--the snow has finally almost melted..  Went today to make sure my Freightliner is ready to work.  NOT.  Spent $8000 on a new computer for the truck, and $600 for two new windshields (knew that was coming--just not how much).  Now it's $150 for a safety inspection, $650 and $500 for 3 months registrtion and insurance (admittedly, the last 3 were no surprise).  But, (and this is where the whining comes in). what it boils down to is this--no MES 30 for me until fall.   Sob, whine, snivel. That's what I've always said about being an owner/operater--big money in, bigger money out.  LOL Funny thing is--I bought my first truck in 1982  I always scoffed at operators who took their first big paycheque and bought a new pickup, boat, or RV.  So back in 1994, I got the biggest paycheque of my life.  Went straight to the Harley Davidson store and paid cash for a new Harley. That's 32 years ago--never made or exceeded that income since then.  I'm afraid that truck drivers just are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  LOL

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Gary, I owned my own business until I retired, "due to Doctors orders". I tired of hearing "You got it made", you can take off when you want, come in when you want and you make all kind of $.Truth is; you lay awake thinking about insurance, taxes, salary, etc. You work holidays while others play and when you are sick you still work. Yep, being in business for yourself is a fun thang! REWARDS; Nine by-passes in one year, diabetes, sleep disorders, and on and on. Been there!  Advise--- SLOW DOWN and K I S S " Keep It Simple Stupid" !!!!


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I have family that drives over the road. Seems like whenever he get home he has to open the wallet to fix the truck,  Nothing is cheap and the only thing that is certain is that you never know when you will have extra money.  When the truck is working and he has loads they do real well but there are a lot of times when this year's vacation or birthday party gets canceled at the last minute.   He never knows what the end of the month is going to look like and if they have to hit the savings to pay the house note.  Only saving grace is that the truck is paid for.  I can only imagine what it would be like if they had to carry a note on it.


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Gary, some of that sounds like a radio news story I heard about the short-haul drivers who run drayage at the ports, they went on strike for two days to protest being considered contractors instead of employees.

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