First pork shoulder in 3 years

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doubles shooter

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Sep 28, 2014
Upstate Western NY
Memorial day weekend we had another couple come to our camp. I decided to do pulled pork. I haven't done one since my triple bypass surgery 3 years ago. A few complications slowed me down, but things are looking good now.
I pick us up a 9# butt, hit it with mustard and Jeff's rub the day before and popped it into the fridge. I was going to do 225 over night, but went 275 for a faster day cook.
This was also the maiden trip for my Thermopro 4 probe thermometer. It advertises a 1000ft. range for the sending unit. From what I saw, it is right on the money. Now I can sleep at night on overnight cooks.
Well, I set up the smoker Sat. night. Test ran it for a while to make sure things were good. 5:00 the next morning, I went out and switched the PID on. Checked the element and it was cold! PANIC!!. Checked output of controller, 120v. The element burned out. Luckily I only live 20 miles from camp. Had another element there. Couldn't find it. More panic. Tore into my home smoker and ripped the element out of that. Back to camp to put it back together. Finally at 9:00am, the meat went in. Things were finally running smooth. 2 hours later I put in a pan of baked beans and a tray of ABT's. A while later, I noticed temp swings between the PID and Thermopro probes. Discovered the bottom door gasket was hanging down. My wife Accidently pulled it loose when she wiped it down. Tucked it back in whenever the door was opened, but never got a good seal from it. 20 -25 degree Temp springs. Temp finally hit 195 on the probe at 5:00. Probed the money muscle half with the hand held therm. Got 204 with perfect probing. I pulled it from the smoker and shredded half and sliced the other side. This turned out to be the juiciest roast I ever did.
Sorry about the lack of pictures. It was too hectic of a day to take any.
Got new gasket coming along with another Brinkman 1500 watt element so maybe the next smoke will be smoother.
Smoking meat can be so relaxing some days.
Lots of "oh sh1t!" moments in there. But glad to read that the butt turned out perfect! Sounds like you adapted and overcame like a trooper!

That's great for a 9lb-er to be essentially done in 8 hours. I've always read that a butt is very forgiving but always stuck with the low and slow, getting up at 0-dark-30 and still not figuring that butt for that nights dinner because we have normally eaten by the time its ready for pulling. I dont have the schmancy auto load smoker I can set up at bedtime and wake up to nearly done shoulder.

I actually got tired of pulled pork...burned out on it, but its been a few years and I'm starting to think having some in the freezer for the summer would be handy (I dont smoke in the dog days of summer). Think I might go ahead and do one before the Virginia August heat gets here and gonna try the higher heat "speed method". One of the reasons I dont smoke a lot of certain meats is I hate getting up early and working late! Spent my early life on that treadmill, done with it! I like sleeping in, then cocktail time is 4:15...who needs 5:00?

Best news for you, doubles, is you're alive to do that smoke! Triple bypass aint no joke...
Thanks everyone for the likes and comments. It was a fun day for sure. For all the excitement, the meal turned out great. The new door gasket material and a new spare heating element will be here Monday. Hopefully the following weekend I will do another, hopefully less stressful, smoke. (With some Q-View)
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