Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

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Oct 9, 2020
Lee's Summit, MO
I reviewed all of them extensively before purchase. I went with Recteq, mainly based on quality and customer service. My second choice would have been Camp Chef, at least in the same price range. I little more expensive would have been Yoder. I purchased the RT-700 with the internal shelf making it the same surface area as the 1250. I added the cold smoke box and also purchased a Bullseye for searing. I'm quite happy with both of them.


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Mar 5, 2019
Clowns who only advocate for what they bought, whether it's good or not. I've bought two or more models from almost every manufacturer and I don't misguide people to inferior products because I spent money on a product that doesn't perform competitively. I was testing and reviewing them. You won't find me saying Guru, Fireboard, Weber, GMG, Camp Chef or even RecTeq are junk. Half of them are overpriced, but not poor quality. RecTeq is just a marketing machine but no different than GMG, Camp Chef, etc in terms of actual quality or performance. You want better buy MAK or Cookshack. Inkbird is junk. Simple as. The rebranded Tempmaster ATC they sling is quality though. I'm not saying anything that can't be verified by others.

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