Where to mount the grate??

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by inkjunkie, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. inkjunkie

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    Will be using a flat lid....unless I can find a "donor kettle". Have no real reason for 2 grates.....except perhaps for when I use it for cold smoking. That being said is there is "sweet spot" in regards to grill placement? Or is it a just as long as it is level anyplace is a good place???
  2. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Normally it takes at least 6 months for everyone on a forum to start ignoring me....might be a new personal best for me here....lol....oh well...just talk with myself.....
  3. nklcolt1911

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    put it as far down as you need to so the lid will fit, probably about 7" down
  4. Firstly, try not to get too upset about people not replying to your thread within 15.5 hours of creating it. Everyone has more than the forum in their life, and I'm sure you'll get some good answers when people get a chance to respond.

    Also, maybe consider consolidating some of your questions into one thread in the future. There are currently 9 threads started by you on the front page alone. I'm not saying it is happening, but it could be easy for people to glide over your posts when they're seeing so many made by them.

    Another thing, people may possible not respond because they see the same questions all the time. Using the search function may get you the answers you want without having to wait for responses to a new thread. For example, I had a quick search for "grill height", filtering only to the UDS builds sub-forum and here's the first two results which I think you will find quite helpful:


  5. The rule of thumb is 24" above the bottom of your charcoal basket.

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