Where are the Indiana members located?

Discussion in 'Indiana Members Group' started by femurphy77, May 21, 2014.

  1. Porter County here. Newish to smoking but have been eating all my life.................
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  2. I'm located in Ossian. Which is just south of Fort Wayne.
  3. Welcome Doaner.

    I am also new to the art of smoking.  Just joined last month and look forward to my first ever smoke maybe Sunday.  I live in Fort Wayne and we also have another smoker in town.  Maybe we can all get together sometime and have coffee.  

  4. sounds good. good luck with your first smoke. 

  5. oldmansmokin

    oldmansmokin Newbie

    I live in Sandcut Ind. north of Terre Haute,Indiana 

    I have had a smoker of some kind for years and just kinda been kickin it around to join a web site, so here I am 

    I mainly to BBRibs and rib tips ,,, I buy my rib tips from Sams for about 1.50 a-pound it is the best price I have found so far .

    There farm-pride brand and #1 cut only problem is you have to buy 50 lbs at a time ...LOL

    I did get lucky a couple of times and got them to split the case depending on who is working the floor in the Butcher shop.......

    I also like to buy Kansas City style ribs....and country style ,,, have done whole chickens , never done a brisket wanting to though ,,,, ooops did a brisket years back and totally ruin it ,, just remember that LOL

    Just did want to admit it LOL

    I join the site to learn more about differant smokers ,,, thinking about buying an electrical one at sams

    i just dont have the time to set there and baby sit it ...

    I was smokin some ribs yesterday and the smoker didnt want to get up to temp,, put it on the weber and finished them ,,,,,,still were petty tastie .....

    Well that's about it catch you all out on the forms   
  6. From Henryville, about 19 miles from Louisville. Been smoking a couple of years. Have picked up many good tips from this site. Use basic Masterbuilt electric.
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  7. Lafayette here. new to the group and to the forum. learned a lot already and can't wait to learn more. 
  8. docktoo

    docktoo Smoke Blower

    Crawfordsville here
  9. schlotz

    schlotz Meat Mopper

    Avon here, and a proud MAK pellet smoker :D

  10. tim yoder

    tim yoder Fire Starter

    hi good to have u guys on hear welcome abroad we will help u guys the best we can and stop by in the chat room and say hi would love to see u guys in the chat room thanks have a good evening [​IMG]
  11. smokin out the neighbors

    smokin out the neighbors Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

  12. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    I want to start a Indy chapter of MANBQUE, my buddy Jesse started in Chicago and I have his blessing to go forward. .....Google his site and let me know who is in. We can use my place I have lots of room and go from there......
    good luck
  13. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Ok 3 of us
  14. schlotz

    schlotz Meat Mopper

    I could get interested in that!

    On the far west side of Indy.

  15. Only a couple smokes on my new UDS up here in Elkhart. Been a propane guy forever so the whole charcoal management is new to me. Enjoying the learning process so far and haven't screwed anything up (too much) yet. Thanks to all for help in all of the posts here.
  16. crxman

    crxman Newbie

    Muncie here
  17. ragilmore

    ragilmore Newbie SMF Premier Member

    Currently in Texas (32 years) from Richmond, IN - new to group and use Napolean Gas Grill, BGE, couple of Weber charcoal grills, and MES 30 inch. Bake bread in Napolean and BGE. Brisket and Pulled Pork and Ribs mostly in BGE and MES depending on length of cook. Pizza on Kettle Pizza attached to 22 inch Weber. Thanks for the home state site.
  18. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Can't see the track, but can hear it and see the blimps (Northwest outskirts of Indy, where 38th St. turns into Dandy Trail). I thought I'd packed the smoker away for the winter, but I'm already jonesing...😐
  19. schlotz

    schlotz Meat Mopper

    Nah...never packed the smoker up just cause it's winter. I smoke the year around, of course having the wifi connection on my MAK allows for warmer surroundings to enjoy the beer time [​IMG]
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  20. smokeymose

    smokeymose Master of the Pit

    Well, when I say "packed up", I mean covered on the patio. One of these days we'll get a warmer than usual weekend (which happens in Indiana, as you know!), and I could have the MB gasser going in about 20 minutes! I still have 2 racks of St Louis style in the freezer...😉

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