Hello from Arizona.

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Welcome from Virginia! I could never get used to the desert, but understand why some do!
Funny you should say that. The first year I was here I do not think I wore a jacket once, The heat did not bother me too much. I think all my sweat evaporated off me and I stayed relatively dry.
After a couple years I found my wife and myself flipping on the seat heaters we thought we would never use. We then looked at thermometer in car and it was in the upper fifties!
I got a few more years older and several pounds heavier and suddenly the heat really gets to me. I try to do everything early to beat the heat, yet find myself drenched in sweat when it is 75 degrees out. It gets 40 degrees warmer than that yet. I would rather live back in South Dakota and have the change of seasons. Then again, I am getting older and have more body aches and less desire to deal with the cold as well. I often hear my wife talking saying that you never have to shovel sunshine here. I laugh as I had never witnessed her shoveling snow back there either.

I am fortunate enough to not have to be in the sun or even outdoors for extended periods most of the time. If I did, I would be begging wife to move.
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Welcome . You say you helped with the sausage making. If that included hunting you now live in a state that has some BIG Elk and Mule Deer. You being a resident your chances of getting a tag are great vs non resident. Good luck
I’m shocked to see so many AZ members. Quite refreshing to see. Welcome, from AZ!

Looking forward to your posts about smoked sausage, as I and my boys are interested in making our own.
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