What type cut of Chuck do I want?

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  1. Hey, want to smoke some chuck and pull it for some bbq beef sandwiches, and some shredded beef burritos. The chuck tender i seen at the store is a thinner cut, and then there was a couple other cuts. Cant remember there names now! Dang it! But they were bigger and more rounded. Looking for the best cut for how I'm going to cook it. Low and Slow till around 165-170 then wrapping it till around 205, with some kind of sauce or marinade inside the foil!

    Thanks for the input
  2. alblancher

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    I don't know if this will help but I like the chuck roasts from Sams   2 1/2 - 3 inches thick
  3. al, thanks, I seen those at Sams on tuesday, at 3.88lb. They looked really good. I should of got those then. Going back tonight. The Brisket and the Boston butts they had looked really good too. I went to a local Grocery store today and got more confused. Heading to Sams after dinner... Thanks again al
  4. alblancher

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    Chuck roasts are more expensive then butts but they sure are good
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    Good luck with the chuckies

    Remember the Qview [​IMG]
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    Nothing like a good chuckie for great flavor 
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    Get the bone-in or boneless blade cut chuck roasts as they have more internal fat and marbling and will pull better!

    blade bone in



    Boneless Blade Chuck 

  9. venture

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    Pops has you covered!

    The bigger piece of chuck you get the better it will smoke up.  Blade in is primo!  These things can dry out if not cut and handled properly.

    $3.88 is a lot for Chuck in my area, but you live where you live?   [​IMG]   Then again, all our meat has gone up about 20% in the last year or so?

    Rest assured the inflation rate is only 2% as they tell us?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. Ok got the Chuckies! Next dilemma is gonna smoke them tomorrow night. I figure they will be done around midnight to 2 in the morning on Saturday. Gonna use some for BBQ beef sami's Sat night and then Enchiladas on Sunday. Can I put the smoked chuckies in the fridge and pull Sat afternoon, or should I pull them and put in the fridge? I think the leftovers of past smokes have tasted even better, well some things! LOL!
  11. raptor700

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    I would leave them whole until your ready to pull them.
  12. venture

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    I like to pull before?  After they get in the fridge they will firm up.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I really wish I was more familiar with all the different kinds of cuts.  I am willing to bet that if I had more experience I could find some bargains in the display case just knowing from the grain and fat line where the specific piece of meat was on the animal.   I do think you want a well marbled piece of meat for the smoker.  NO need to have a heavy fat cap but some internal fat is a good thing.
  15. scooper

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    I agree.  I can tell a good retail cut when I see it.

    Pops, or anyone else in the know... are you familiar with the meats at Restaurant Depot?  They have a lot of different large pieces with unfamiliar names. 

    Peeled Knuckle

    Ball Tip

    Chuck Tender Plantanillo

    Are any of these chuckies in disguise?  Are any worthy and marbled enough for smoking?
  16. Peeled knuckle is a round tip roast.

    Ball tip is cut from the bottom sirloin.

    I don't know what they mean by "Chuck Tender Platanillo"
    Chuck Tender is chuck eye.
    Platanillo is cut from the shank, it's essentially the bicep muscle and is used as an alternative to brisket.
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    Thank for the info. 
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