What kind of Mushrooms

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Aug 1, 2018
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Anyone now what these are? They are growing in my yard.

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I'm Ukrainian. My parents took me out every fall picking mushrooms. The hunt for them started just after the first frost. I know the smell of them very well. What they look like also. As a adult I did not follow in my parents foot step foraging in the forest for mushrooms. Now being retired I thought I would give it a try again. The money I spent driving to the hot spots I remember from my youth I soon realized store bought was a much better option since I don't eat mushrooms every day. LOL
The last 5 years I actually have found the mushrooms my parents hunted right in my backyard next to the tree stumps that have rotted over the years.
There are a few good Apps for your phone that will give you a pretty good idea what mushrooms you are looking at if your not sure.


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I would just scoop them up and trash them before your dog decided they might be good.
Mushrooms aren't that expensive at the grocery.....
Don’t know what kind they are, but they grow on a couple of palm tree stumps in my yard. I don’t know enough about mushrooms to eat wild one’s, so I can’t help you. I think even if you told me they were edible I probably wouldn’t take the chance.
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Like I said on another Thread, "If I would have picked my Dad's brain before we lost him in 1994", I could help you guys, and myself. We used to pick mushrooms every year, and he would separate the good ones from the Poison ones. Sautéed in Butter, there is nothing like them---Just melt in your mouth & Very Tasty!!

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