what is a csr?

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  1. I've used the search button and found plenty of topics on the subject but still no exact definition of what a csr is....sorry i'm a rookie smoker 
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    I'm not 100% sure but think it means country style ribs. Either that or customer service rep! :)
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    At my house, that would be Country Style Ribs. Thick, meaty rib cuts, either beef or pork, usually with a small amount of bone. CRRs come from the loin, or sirloin. A low and slow delight in the smoker, or awesome braised in the dutch oven. Someone I know, who was riding in a hand basket, and not sure where she was going, said they can be cooked in a crock pot, smothered in BBQ sauce. Don't let that get around, it could be the end of civilization as we know it. ;-)
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  4. CSR's  are Country Style Ribs

  5. I'm a member of several different forums, from guns to cars, and I have never seen a forum who uses so many acronyms. I've had to google things just about everytime I  research something on here. I guess everyone is to busy cooking and eating to type...
  6. Try the link below.  It is a sticky under new members that helped me out with all the acronyms. 


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    I thought CRS was a disease that men get with asked to do things.....something like Cant Reeeeeee      I forgot what I was saying
  8. I think different things get called csr pending where you shop. I work as a meat clerk in a local big chain grocery. In most of the St, Louis area a CSR is a bone-in rib end chop from the loin that has been split in half with the chine bone on one half and rib bone on the other. A little fattier than loin or rib chops and the loin side (larger side) is 2 colored. Rib end chops are pretty much the ribeye of pork. Most folks don't want them because they are fatty. No idea where they think the flavor comes from, but I bet they try to carve the stripes out of bacon too.
  9. What exactly is defined as a CSR seems to vary in different parts of the county or even with different stores in the same town. Where I live CSR's can be strips cut out of the butt in addition to those that contain the first few ribs and loin meat, they may or may not contain pieces of the shoulder blade. I prefer these to the ones that contain loin meat as they have better marbling. The higher fat content helps keep them from drying out, which can be a danger since they are not very thick. My avatar shows some CSR's cut from the butt.
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    Some CSR's are cut from the end of the loin. I prefer mine cut from the shoulder. They are really just a sliced butt. I slather mine with mustard, coat all over with Jeff's rub and on the smoker at 260*- 275* for about 2 hours or IT of 150*. Then I put them in a foil pan and pour in a sauce of 1/2 Jeff's sauce, 1/4 apple juice and 1/4 honey. Cover with foil and cook another hour. Excellent piece of pork, either with the standard slaw and beans or with mashed potatoes, corn potato salad, brocolli slaw, or......, you get the picture. They go with anything. Good luck, Joe
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    I love CSR's or Country Style ribs. usually get them with a little bit of bone for about $2-2.25/lb or so in my local markets. i like to cook them similar to baby backs 2.5-2-.5 (instead of 2-2-1) i rub them down and then in the foil stage put them in a foil pan with some apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix (2/3-1/3) then at the end i coat in bbq sauce heavily and let that set or reheat with the sauce set step. Comes out like meat candy!

    to me CSR = Meat Candy!

    y'all make me hungry,

    phatbac (Aaron) 
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    Aaron, I haven't thought about finishing them with a hard glaze. Your description of meat candy sounds like something that I need to try. Thanks, Joe

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