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Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by bobank03, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. raspy87

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    Have a brand new camper and a young family more than willing to take a ride! Unlike most Rhode Islanders a 3-5 hour trip is a day trip. A FLA trip is a 7 day vacation! Too bad! :-(
  2. bobank03

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    What have you got for a camper? Always wanted one, never had the room to keep it. 
  3. mike65

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    We have a Hybrid Camper.  Sleeps 8-10. 
  4. raspy87

    raspy87 Fire Starter

    Hybrid here too love it!
  5. mike65

    mike65 Meat Mopper

    Look what I found for the charcoal pan.

    Was over at GFS today after church and found this here screen and it fits perfect. This will improve the charcoal issues I have been having.
  6. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic


    Have you tried out the screen yet? Whats GFS?
  7. mike65

    mike65 Meat Mopper

    GFS = Gordon Food Service.  The screen worked well for only 1 use.  I have purchased a grill grate to go in the pan now. I did a 6.8lb pork butt yesterday and still having low temp issues in the ECB.  I had to finish the pork in the oven.
  8. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    Nothing wrong with finishing up in the oven...
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  9. magslam

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    That works good: soaked chips foiled is almost "certified" smoking,
  10. magslam

    magslam Smoke Blower

    Is it galvanized? Stay away from galvanized as much as possible.
  11. Re-discovered my ECB today. Thought I had pitched it last year. Had to clean her up and purchase some supplies. Just thought I would bring the thread back to life since my ECB is back from the dead.
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  12. Hey All,

    Pretty new all around. To my ECB (a gift from a friend), to smoking in general, and to SMF.

    After reading around, I did a couple mods that are suggested. I found the $20 Masterbuilt charcoal tabletop grill from Home Depot as well (as some folks here), picked up a temperature gauge.

    Thought I'd mention about the inexpensive Masterbuilt grill. It comes with 3 dampers with it. So I installed the one on the charcoal pan as per spec, and the lid one in the top. There's a 3rd in the box that I'll hang on to for now.

    Only thing I'm having trouble with is the lid gasket. The lid is 129 cm around, and all the Wood Stove gasket kits I'm seeing are under 1 m of the fiberglass rope. Do we know where I can get a deal on some fiberglass gasket material, or another suitable product to seal that lid up some?

    I'm thinking that once I've got the gasket seal, I should be in decent business. Although, with the new charcoal pan I've already seen a decent improvement in burn quality.

    Note: The plates are from my Old Car. I just grew up in Ontario, so I figured I'd keep them around now that I'm in Nova Scotia.

    Now...I just gotta figure out what I'm going to put in the smoker next!
  13. Welcome. Not sure of the size rope I used but it was an oven door seal. Found it at ACE in their clearance bin. It seals well and seems to be holding up.
  14. Hey guys still new to smoking here. And I too have the ECB that I bought last year from Bass Pros shops here in T.O Canada.

    I am tired of having to fight my temp being either too high or too low so I am thinking about converting it to an electric smoker.

    I bought a replacement element that I plan on attaching to the coal pan with some nuts and bolts. And from what I have read the element will keep a steady heat of around 200-225 which is ideal.

    My question is has anyone else done this and if so how were the results? Would I still need to add water to the water pan or I have also read about people using lava rocks for the electric smokers. Could I use that instead of the water.Or what about sand?

    Would I need to add a vent to the top or side for more air flow? if I am using electric then I dont see the need for it vent as the heat is coming from the element and not the coals right?

    Open to any and all suggestion and recommendations and tips of course :)
  15. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    I hope you haven't invested much money in this endeavor and I hope you don't take this personally but that is a waste of your time and money. For $70 you can get an electric ECB or for $150 you can get an electric Masterbuilt. Both of which will perform better than a converted charcoal smoker. You will spend a lot of time and effort trying to reinvent the wheel to get the smoker to work right. 

    If you are set on continuing with this process then you could set the element on the bottom of the smoker and then mount a cast iron pan an inch or so above that to hold the wood. You don't need a vent as the lid on an ECB leaks a lot (unless you have sealed the lid then you need a vent)
  16. Thanks for the tips Bmadoxx but I only paid 30 bucks for the element and the prices here Canada well at least Bass Pro are higher. The electric ECB here is about $99 and the Masterbuilt is approx 199 cad. Trust me if I could afford either I would love to get one of those. I am pretty tight on funds at the moment (wedding season has hit lol). I was gonna try with the electric element for fathers day to see how it worked, and if it works, great if not I can always switch it back to coal until I get a newer one.
  17. magslam

    magslam Smoke Blower

  18. Cool !
  19. Hey guys, so I think I have everything that I need for my charcoal to electric conversion of my ECB (Brinkmann Smoke N Grill). I have the element ready and will attach that to the top portion of my charcoal pan, Will run the cord underneath the lip of the smoker(if I don't decide to run it through the smoker). I will add a pie pan to the top of the element with m y wood chunks/chips. Now my question is this. I was planning on using either rocks or sand in the water pan but was gonna leave the element open and not surround it with the lava rocks. Is this a good idea or do I need to surround the element with the rocks?

    I plan on doing a couple of racks for fathers day and was going to do the mods possibly this weekend. so what are your thoughts? Is the sand/rocks ok just in the water pan or do I need to add them to surround the element at the bottom.

    Also any other suggestions or tips I need for my conversion

    Thanks guys
  20. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    I think the lava rocks around the element in the E-ECB are really more of a separation between the element and the wood. If you are building a separate wood tray they shouldn't be required. Play sand would be a good bet in the water pan but I actually use the water in my E-ECB. I preheat it on the stove to aid in the initial warm up of the smoker since it can take a while on its own.

    What size element did you buy? The factory one is 1500 watts and is a little under powered considering all the air leakage the unit has. 

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