Vertical smoker options-

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El Carnicero

Original poster
Jan 12, 2022
Hey all.
I'm looking to pickup a vertical smoker.
Currently my options are a Louisiana Grills 7 series, and the Pit Boss Copperhead 7. Though I have to say, I'm not a fan of the pellet smokers, only because of the required pellets or it doesn't operate.

I've looked into different vertical smokers and the 7 series and the Copperhead seem to be the biggest. But again, I'm not a fan of the heating source.

My other option is the idea of turning a dough proofer into a smoker. I am handy enough to do it with guidance, but need specific guidance on the control board portion.

So, from those that have the series 7 or the Copperhead, what are your thoughts on them? Up here in the Great White North, they run at the $800-$850 range. so, are they worth it?
And for those who have gone the dough proofer route, details please? how do I start, where do I get parts.
The Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro Vertical is head and shoulders above either than LG or Pit Boss. The best part of it is you can add a Heavy D heat diffuser and burn real wood for the first 30-45mins.
I had the 5 series pitboss. WILD temp swings and made from metal as thin as a dollar bill. The door sagged like crazy unless it was latched. It did turn out some good food. Just really cheaply made for that kind of money. And I dont know about the 7 but they had the controller at the bottom of the door where everything would drip on it when you were trying to check temps or wrap. If it were me I'd steer clear of both of them. They are the same smoker to different labels
I have been wondering about the build quality. The sheet metal these things are built with is as bad as walmart brand BBq metal. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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