Vac Sealing Non Smoked Cheese

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Non smoked?

Wait for it
Wait for it.

I dont have a chamber sealer anymore so this will work.
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Interesting. The wine cheese mix it in during the renet stage.
I did a quick search on infused cheese.
The top selections are cannabis. You have a batch of that in the background?
I was just joking with my wife I was going to do this with a bottle of scotch I was gifted 5 years ago. It's just undrinkable. I didn't know you could actually do it.
I assume it would make the cheese soggy. Do you dry it after removing the liquid?
Please post up the results when they are done.
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I found this on a German cheese group. They have some impressive results but they use a chamber sealer. This is my first time so we will see.

I'm the only bourbon/whiskey drinker in the family and have lots so this small amounts are no biggie to use.
I'm just thinking the liquid will be as good as the cheese .
Use it in some sticks or SS.
Here's Gavin with a how-to on boozy cheese, might be interesting.

Hmmm. I'm no cheese maker, but I tip a glass or three. That looks interesting.
Today going to get the cheese smoked. Dont know what smoke, hickory, oak, apple or pecan?

On rack to dry up, got each one with a tag and what marinade and flavor of cheese. The cheese did not get soggy.

Got the cheese smoked up yesterday.
Major cold smoker oh damn mess. The air pump I got with the cold smoker didnt work...ok get ny other one, Ok where is it so I searched all my equipment spots no air pump.

Ok use my back up smoker so I loaded it with apple wood, gave the cheese 2 round at 4 hours each. Had the door cracked open a bit and top vent full open.

Round 1

Resting for an hour.

After round 2. (yeah got warm in there) Dont like the wine/swiss in top right.
others look ok. I may just toss all of them and use a new air pump and start with a new batch.
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