Using the Masterbuilt 7-1

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Jul 6, 2007
A couple questions for anyone out there with a Masterbuilt 7-1...

1. There is a little hatch on the side, I assume so you can put chips in without opening the top. It seems a little cramped as the water bowl is only inches above the chip pan, so I can only add chips right by the hatch. I can't spread the chips out at all, does that matter?

2. I don't see much smoke coming out any of the sides ever. Should I?

3. Should I be able to add water through the little hatch? It doesn't seem possible to me?

I really like the fact that this unit seems to easily keep the temp very steady. I checked it repeatedly but it never changed temps the whole time.

I removed all the stainless around the heating element on my Masterbuilt and put wood chunks right on it. Chips don't last as long, for me. I took out that chute and stuffed the hole with tin foil. A bit rough but she smokes some killer Q.
Thanks keywesmoke, but I don't think that will help me (if I even have a problem) since my MB is propane. I think my chips wouldn't last but a few seconds! :-)
I currently use the 7 in 1. The panel on the side does allow you to add wood without taking the top of the smoker off but you can't add water this way. I use a long metal 2 prong fork (like for roasting wienies) to poke the wood around when I add more. From my experience, smoke will only come out the sides if you have too much wood in the pan. Also, if you are only using the top grate, you can set the water bowl on the bottom grate and this gives you more room to add wood. You are right, it will maintain a steady temp and is easy to recover.
i have an older one.... turns out some fine Q..... mine doesnt have the little door.... when i use my smoker i wrap the chips in a small log shape piece of foil...poke holes in it

now i only use the propane to start my charcoal, much easier to control the heat and i eliminated the waterpan doing it this way, my .02
I just pulled the old Masterbuilt 7 in 1 out of the shed. I've never used it. I am going to try it out soon but it is somewhat bent up & doesn't look user friendly without completely opening it up & letting all the smoke out.

We'll see how it goes.
I have the Brinkman all-in-one and it doesn't have the door either. I used charcoal and wood chunks. I used the propane to start my coals just as Teacup does and just shoved in the small chunks around the sides of the coal.

On mine I can lifted off the cooking tube to access the water pan and charcoal pan to add wood or water. Does the Masterbuilt allow this? If not you may have to just use long tongs or winie forks as sugested earlier. You've got some great Q comming!

Here's a picture of Lil Bink from last winter. You can see how it comes apart and the smoke/steam comming from some tiny holes I drilled in the top.
I am use to my chargriller pro but i'm going to try my masterbuilt soon. I forgot to old thing laying in the back of my shed, never used once as a smoker. I use the burner to do deep fried turkey every once in a while but never even thought about the smoker when I bought the chargriller.
I was going to use my old Masterbulid 7 in 1 that I found in the back of the shed the other night for tomorrows smoke of some ribs, wings & my first fatty, but I'm afraid of it. There is no way to control the air flow, no adjustable vents, top or bottom.

I like my Chargriller pro. I know how to control the temp. with the air flow.

Does the water pan in that old 7 in 1 keep the temp down around 212 like I keep reading on here. I find it hard to believe. The only wood I have right now is some cherry logs & sticks, that are a little bit green so I need to keep the fire HOT so I don't get creosote.

The other thing about the bullet style id that I'll have to cut the rack of ribs in 1/2 to fit on the racks without rolling them up the sides.

Fatty question.. Is a chub of sausage about a pound or more. The pics I've seen always look bigger than 1 Lb. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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