Smoking boston butt over night

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Not to be argumentative, but I use a smoker into which I routinely put 3 cases of 8 butts for a single cook. Aside from making more black stuff on the inside of my cabinet, more that 4 hrs of smoke adds nothing. I have cooked thousands of butts, and am just trying to remove a little voodoo from an arcane science.
It's cool. We can respectfully disagree.
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Ive soaked some chips in the past to help them burn longer/slower when I knew I wouldnt be around to reload the tray for awhile. Like mentioned earlier in one of the post, a liquid smoke can add more "smoke flavor" if that is lacking, just be careful to not go overboard with it!
So this smoking tube you referring to does it fit in where my tube is now? Just remove it and put this one in? The one that came with it don't hold much. Is pellets and chips the same term in here. Mine takes chips. Yea I have a hand held thermometer I have saw the Bluetooth ones you can see the temp on your phone. The one probe is not bad money wise but those more than 1 probe are 100s and 100s of $$$.

No I have only smoked once so followed instructions and used the parts it said use
Sorry for the delay in responding, its a busy time of year.

The tube is one like this:


It will NOT replace the chip loader tube.
It will burn pellets or dust but not chips alone. Some people do a combo of pellets and chips though so that seems to work.
You will lay this on a rack or on the bottom of the MES away from the heating element so the heating element doesn't cause it to get too hot and ignite the pellets.
Like others have mentioned I run the A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker (AMNPS) tray, not the tube. The tray will produce up to 12 hours of smoke but doesn't always work when set inside the smoker so I use a homemade contraption called a "Mailbox Mod" to ensure it works without issue. You can see the pellets in the 1st tube image so you know what we mean vs chips.

As for a multi probe wireless thermometer, here's one for under $30 that will give you almost 2 football fields of distance that it would work across. I prefer these to wifi or bluetooth phone app ones because there is no need for extra equipment involved, it's all onboard the device so your phone can be available for phone stuff.

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