UDS Drum

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Original poster
Jun 23, 2013
Peoria, Az
I know it's been probably asked a million times before but I just picked up a barrel for 30$ that used to hold silicone in bags the drum is clean for the most part with little residue. I'll add a pic of the drum and what was in it and do you think washing and them burning it out will do the trick?
Drill your vent holes in the bottom side then burn out
Go find a few old pallets behind a hardware store, and fill that barrel up and burn it out until it gets cherry red. A leaf blower or shop vac on blow pointed into one of the bottom holes works great to get the temps up, I left the leaf blower going for an hour and my barrel was cherry red for almost 4 hrs.
My barrel didn't have any spray on liner or clear coat on it, it was a little rusted inside but only surface rust. The heat removed it, then I used an old rag to wipe veg oil on the inside of the barrel while it was still good and hot.
It turned out great. I still use it, and it's 10 yrs plus old.
Nice! That's a smooth sided drum also. I drug a couple clamp top drums home from work awhile back. Gonna be a winter project. Seen a smooth stainless one at work last week I've got my eye on.
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