UDS build in Antarctica ( I have a drum ? )

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mike johnson

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Mar 9, 2012
Lacey, WA.
I just got this barrel, it is brand new from the looks of it. It has a solid top held on with compression ring. The inside is not painted and does not have the food liner. There is some oil on the inside From the making of it I believe. My question is can I just clean the inside out real good with a degreaser and have it good to go. They do not allow open burning of any kind. Here are some pics of the barrel. This is my first UDS build so all comments on this barrel are gratefully accepted.

Thats what I would do and then season real good.   The seasoning process will coat the inside anyway.
One thing that I learned early on with my first UDS, is it easier to creep up the temp than it is to cool it down. So start closing vents a bit earlier and don't let the UDS get too far above your target temp. My favorite method for lighting is to use my weed burner. I put the loaded basket in the drum and then torch on spot until its going good. Close the er up and usually am at temp and TBS in 10-15 minutes.
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