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Type of Kosher Salt for Dry Rubs


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I've been searching to find a discussion on what Kosher salt everybody uses in dry rubs. I haven't been able to find one, so if I missed it, and this has already been answered your more than welcome to point me to it. If it hasn't been discussed, I'd like to know peoples choice for Kosher salt in dry rubs? Do you use Diamond Kosher Salt, Morton Coarse Kosher Salt or something else such as sea salt? Also, if you don't mind, tell why like that salt


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I use Mortons mainly because that's what's available where I normally shop and a box goes a long way.
I've seen a couple of sausage recipes that call for Diamond, but personally I don't think it's that critical.
Just me....


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I use Morton's as well. I like the finer courseness it provides. Nothing wrong with diamond crystal but a word of advice regarding the two..........DC is more course than Morton's so make sure to adjust accordingly for whichever you choose. As an example since Morton's is finer you can fit more in a tablespoon versus the more coarse DC. Just some things to keep in mind


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Yup I’m in the Morton camp as well.
what is available local and what you get used to works fine, but remember that when making rub, a 1cup of Morton kosher is different than 1cup Diamond. In a volumetric sense you have to watch this difference and 1cup canning pickling salt is way different as well. That’s why I weigh my salt. If you create a rub that you like, make sure you note the brand and type of salt so you can be consistent in repeating that recipe If measuring by volume. by weight it matters not the variety.

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I use Mortons as well.. it's readily available and it takes smoke very well for smoked salt.


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I use Morton's too. Other than my coarse sea salt that I use in my salt grinder, that's what's available. The coarse sea salt is just too big--even for a saltaholic like me.

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Mostly Morton's but have used Diamond Crystal too. By Volume, you add 25% more Diamond Crystal for the same Volume of Morton's. Not super critical adding a teaspoon or Tablespoon, but larger amounts need adjustment. As above, when going by Weight 10 Grams of any Kosher, Table, Canning Salt or other, will always be the same amount, 10 Grams...JJ


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I use Morton's because it is what I can get easily. I guess I should try Diamond, I can always order from Amazon.


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I use fine sea salt from my grocer's bulk section because it's cheap.

Some salts have additions like iodine, anti-caking, etc. Iodine is necessary for health reasons (Google it). There are claims that people can taste it. I can't.

Kosher salt is salt, but Morton's contains an anti-caking agent. Diamond kosher has no additives but larger crystals. The larger crystals are best for pinches of salt.

Some salts have higher mineral content (Himalayan salt) and a lot of exaggerated health claims are associated with it. It is 98% sodium chloride (NaCl) and 2% trace minerals. My wife likes it. She says it is less salty than table salt. "Yes, dear."

Sea salt is actually only 90-96% salt, the rest is trace minerals. My wife says it is too salty. "Yes, dear."

Bottom line - salt is salt. Crystal size differs. Additions differ. Mineral content differs. Use what works or flows out of your rub container.

Or what's cheapest.
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Great info already. Salt is salt by weight. I use table salt for rubs I make at around 1/2 tsp per pound.


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Another Morton user … although the Diamond would be better as a sub for pretzel salt should you go down that road.

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