Try'n Ribs again, PICS

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Spares, light rub put on 1/2 hr before smoke. These pics taken after 30 min on smoker. Try'n 2.5-1.5-.5 on them, will go by how they look, feel, and pull on bone. Gotta get some ribs done "right" so I can get into the OTBS. My goal anyway. Can't be called a "BBQ'R" if you can't do ribs right!

Here we go, any comments appreciated. My ribs usually suck, 3/4 of the time anyway. Help this idiot if you can.

Big A, looking good to me, I betcha they come out magnificent!!!!!!
And then you won't be able to say that anymore.
I knew you'd be there Marvin, thanks! Temps are about 240-250, or I could drop the temps to about 180-220. Didn't know what to do for sure, so I went w/higher temp.

It's a Traeger w/digital thermostat(POS I think), and I can bump the temp up higher pretty easy. Never ran higher, assume temps would be around 280-310, too high I thought.
Took me so long to reply that Tonto & Kitty got in too, thanks guys. If you see where I ______ up, let me know. I gotta get this right! Not so much for OTBS, but my son Cole loves ribs. He says they are pretty good, but he is a lousy lier! When I do somethin' good, you can see it in/on his face. My daughter, Haley, is sick of meat and I'm affraid she will turn into a vegi______tarian! Gotta take it easy on her, although she will bite you if you take tri-tip from her!

Anyway, I'll keep pics updated so you pro's can help me out.

IMHO, the only thing I would say is keep the temp 220-240....low and slow

EDIT.....and don't call me no pro....those fighting, trust me the only thing I have a degree in, is being a pain in the_______!!!!!
Big A, IMHO, after the bark is nice and set, if you have a spray bottle mix up about 1-2 tablespoons olive oil, a cup apple juice, and a shot or two of your favorite whiskey and give em' a spray.
She has a Post Hole Digger? ( put your pointer on PHD)
I guess I have a couple of them, hand(for wife), and pto(for me)!

You need to get your butt on here more often, Bud! And change your avatar! Colorado Rockies! CR, man! I'm kinda biased, as I am a Crypt! (sp?) Holy cow, if you saw me you'd see "I ain't no Crypt". Wranglers might give it away.

Kick Tontos butt off the computer and get in here more often! HOLLY-BA-JESUS! She's a google monger!

PS, tell her to kick some butt in poker tonight for me
Been a long suffering 'injuns fan for over 50 years. Maybe in my life time........opening season is next weekend!

Hope your ribs are coming along......
I'm right there with you Al. Today is my third attempt at ribs. This time I made sure that I have no audience... just me and the smoker.

Edit: I just started phase 2.
OK, its been about 2hrs 15min on the "3" section. Then I foiled for about 1.5 hrs, pulled out since it was pull back from bone. Now this is an update, last photo in group, after it was out of foil and put on some bbq sauce. Plan on flipp'n them in about 15 min and putting on more bbq on the bone side........maybe...........not sure.

updated pics
I went ahead & cut them. Did the 90* test, pull off bone test, and of course the taste test. Best ribs I've ever made, best I've ever eaten.......honestly. True test comes from wife & kids, thats who they are for.

The 3-2-1 method does not work for me. I went by "look". At the "3" stage, as soon as they just started to pull from bone I stuck in foil, I also basted w/pepsi, was need'n somethin sweet to put on apple juice. In the foil I added just about an ounce of pepsi and watched them. When they pulled back 1/4", as seen in photos, I took out and put on smoker to firm up. I added Jim Beam BBQ sauce, very lightly to just put a thin coat on......and did this twice.

Came out really good, gotta do it again tomorrow.

Heres the final pic post

Great help from the site! Thanks to all!
Al those sure do look like some great ribs you got there, for sure the family will like them, if they dont send em my way.

Last time I did ribs, I think i got away from 3-2-1 also, but in the other direction. By the time they came out of the foil I could not touch them with out them falling apart. I grabbed one by the bones to flip it and out came two ribs. Despite that they turned out fine and the kids and g/f liked them.

I am gonna take your lead next time and go with look and feel and not so much with the time. Enjoy

Thanks Matt
Yep Oar, been there, done that. this time went better. 3-2-1 is a good "general rule of thumb/ribs". Sometimes ya gotta go my "look" or feel if nothing else works. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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