Onion And Gravy Smothered Skirt Steak (Pics)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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I've always loved incorporating onions into meals. Fresh, cooked, it doesn't matter. It's especially nice when I have a huge bag full of fresh red onions from a friend's garden. Decided to play around a little bit and do a smothered skirt steak with some of them. Note: this is the first meal taking pics with the new phone. Totally different look, that's for sure.

The skirt steak.

Cut in half and season with SPG.

A bunch of onions in the skillet with some butter. I wound up adding more onions after these sweated down a little.

Cook them down and build a beef base gravy with them. Just a little flour, BTB beef base, black pepper, garlic, and a splash of beef broth. This makes an amazing mess in the skillet :emoji_laughing:

Cut up a nice salad.

Steaks on the grill. These are really thin so they will cook fast. Just a few minutes is all it took.

Steak done.

Slice and lay out some of the steak on the plate. The carryover got me by a little bit but they still came out slightly pink and nice and juicy.

Load on the onions. Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese and parsley. Plate with the salad and some stroganoff noodles. The salad dressing is a creamy jalapeno ranch sauce I stole from our good friend John ( SmokinVOLfan SmokinVOLfan ) a few years ago. We go through this stuff by the bucket full. It is incredible and you can use it for a ton of different things. We do anyway :emoji_astonished:

And just for you David ( DRKsmoking DRKsmoking ) , the close up shot.

Man this was a good meal!! Steak was as tender as you could ever ask for. The onions and gravy was totally over the top. Some really nice flavors developed, a light sweetness, and more complexity than I thought I'd get. I guess it was just the right balance of stuff, which is pure luck. I never measure anything, just kinda throw it all together. Tracy absolutely loved this although she didn't eat as many of the onions as I did. She had a good bunch but her focus was the steak and the salad. All in all a very successful meal for a quick dinner. I can easily see this one being done again :emoji_wink:

Oh well, got a ton of stuff to catch up on in the forum. The TD has taken a considerable amount of time, as well as the inevitable life challenges, but I'll do my best to catch up over the next couple of days. Y'all take care and see everybody real soon.

Man Robert that is a great looking meal! I would say there was no luck involved. You nailed it.

You had me at Onions and Gravy, add a little beef and there you go
Another fantastic meal by Sir Robert, lol

I would take Tracy's onions and a big helping of the steak , noodles and salad

Love the close up :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum: :emoji_yum:

Love the meal Robert. Can't beat a good steak with onions! Now the creamy jalapeno ranch dressing, oooh baby, gotta try that. 😋
Oh Yeah baby! Love me some onions. Looks pretty awesome bud. You know I am going to ask about that dressing. I did a search and not find it.
Looks great Robert,
Point for sure
Beautiful meal Robert and I've gotta try skirt steak this weekend ! With your onions and gravy of coarse 😆!
Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

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Man Robert that is a great looking meal! I would say there was no luck involved. You nailed it.
Thanks very much Fred. I guess I've made gravy enough times that I have it figured out. Still though, I've never measured the ingredients...just kinda throw it all together and tweak as necessary.

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