Tried Reinhard's Stuffed Bacon Loaf recipe...

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Feb 20, 2013
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After reading Reinhard's recipe about stuffing bacon loaf into fibrous casings I had to give it a try and I have to say that it is tasty.

Reinhard's recipe:
Last time i made Curley's bacon seasoning mix into a loaf form and smoked it and it turned out great.  Tasted so good i decided to make it my go to summer sausage in fibrous casings.  I got the bag that is enough for 25 pounds so i've been digging into it, and this is my second 5 pound batch.  I tweeked it this time to add a little heat. Here is what i used:

5 pounds of beef chuck

1 tsp insta cure#1

6 T of Curley's bacon seasoning

1 T of crushed red pepper

3 tsp mustard seeds

2 T crushed garlic

1 cup of dry'd powdered milk

1 3/4 cups cold water

I'll make 25 pounds of this next time with the above formula.  Just enough heat as to not overpower the flavor. Here are some pics. Reinhard  [These are roughly 1 pound chubs}
So I purchased some of the bacon seasoning and had some boneless chuck roasts and a pork butt already and ended up doing 2-5lb batches of the bacon loaf and made 5lbs. of fresh Italian sausage. 

Cut into cubes the beef and pork and semi froze the chunks of meat, I ground and seasoned the first batch of the bacon loaf and stuffed into 54mm clear fibrous casings. Hung them over night to be smoked the the next day.

Then ground, seasoned, and stuffed the italian sausages, linked the rope of sausage and placed into freezer. After freezing the sausages, I  cut them into links and bag sucked them into portions of 4 links to the pound,

Next day I hung the bacon loaf/sausage into the smoker set at 130 degres for about an hour so that the casings would be dry. Filled 2 rows of my Amaze n smoker with pitmaster's choice pellets and applied the smoke and periodically bumped up the heat till I hit 165 degrees and let them go til they reached the IT temp of 153 degrees, they were then placed into cold water, and chilled down and hung to bloom.

The next day I cut into the bacon sausage and tried it out, pretty tasty, so I tried another slice, and that was good too.

So I decided to make the 2nd batch of sausage, except this time I  added some cubed up Pepperjack cheese that I had smoked up and had in the fridge. So I did the same smoking process as the first batch of sausage.

Cut, portioned, and then bag sucked the 2 batches of the bacon loaf sausage so they are ready to enjoy with a lil spicey mustard.

This recipe is really good and like Reinhard stated in his original posting, that this would be his go to Summer Sausage recipe. I too will be using this recipe again.

I want to thank Reinhard for sharing his recipe on the forum.

Thanks for looking...
Glad you liked it.  Love the idea of the pepper jack cheese.  Will do that next time.  My brother brought down some venison and he wants this bacon summer also.  He wants me to put some jalapenos in the mix also.  One with cheese and one with the peppers. Heck maby i'll take some of the batch and mix both the cheese and peppers together.  Your sausage lookes great!!. Reinhard
Thanks for the compliment on the sausage Reinhard, the lil extra zip from the pepperjack worked nicely without being overpowering, the jalapeno and cheese with venison sounds like a good plan. Will be looking forward to seeing pictures of that too.
Very nice BS........................
Thanks everyone for the kind words and compliments, I was happy with the way they all turned out.

JohnB, I used a 54 mm clear fibrous casings, they are a little bit shy of about 2 inches in diameter. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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