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  1. Good Morning,

    Just wanted to say thanks for such a useful website.

    I have used this website for information, advice and problem solving by making use of the search function.
    Example 1. Pulled Chicken sandwiches.
    Our first attempt at pulled chicken sandwiches was a disappointment. After my grandson and I ate we
    both determined something was missing. After researching on this website we determined the smoked chicken
    was good but the execution of the sandwiches was lacking. On our second attempt we changed how we made the 
    sandwhiches. I fried 8 oz. of bacon until crispy, extracted the bacon for inclusion with the chicken. Using 
    the bacon fat we fried up the smoked chicken skin. We opted to not include the chicken skins as they didn't
    seem crispy enough. We also added coleslaw, pickled jalapenos, sweet pickles and topped off with KCM habanero
    bbq sauce. A major improvement over our first attempt. My grandson had 3 sandwiches!
    My point? I probably would not have come up with these on my own very quickly.

    Example 2. St Louis Ribs
     The exterior of our ribs was tough. Researching on the website I determined I had to much sugar in our rub.
    Appx 4 parts brown sugar to 1 part other spices. I will reduce the sugar and spritz ribs next time we smoke.

    I also learned about cartilage at the end of ribs when not butchered properly. I will be on the lookout
    for these in the future as they are not good eats.

    Thanks to the site and all contributors
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    Well it's great to hear you are getting so much help from the forum members.

    Next you need to start your own thread & show us what your smoking!


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