Traeger vs Yoder

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American Built or Chinese built has little to do with it.

It’s the American company “Traeger” specs that the Chinese are building to in order to keep maximize the money returning into their pockets that guide how the product is made.
Yeah! Treager can choose whoever they want to build their contraptions. This helps the Chinese worker to better afford new tires for his or her bicycle. I don’t want the person who builds my cooker to be strapped down with a mortgage and truck payment.
I regret not getting a Yoder the first time. I will not make that mistake again.
That's not a situation of "choice". It's a lack of options :emoji_wink: Yoder all the way if you've nailed it down to those two. If your decision is not yet set in stone you may want to look at the Rec Tec. They make an excellent product, to which I can personally attest.

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