Traeger Ironwood shut off on overnight 18 Lb brisket cook

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May 28, 2024
I have searched the online forums. Same issue as some Traeger shut off after starting cook at 200 setting. Brisket was prepped and seasoned wrapped in refrigerator for 3 days. Started at 7:30. Bed at 11:00. No alarms. 7:00 grill was shut off and internal temp of brisket was 90 deg. Emptied all pellets and cleaned out bin, fire pot and restarted. Now set at 250. All working fine. Prime cut from Costco and was not cut or injected. Seems like I should be fine but just putting this out there. Maybe my 4th brisket including one overnight. Had external probes in also by Tempspike but didn't start recording (duh!) so no record. Going to contact Traeger for cook log but I don't know if it really matter.
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I didn't get any response to my request yesterday for help. Maybe I didn't label it correctly. I went ahead and started the cook all over. 9 hours at 275 then wrapped with butter and in oven at 350. Pulled at 198 and then wrapped in blankets into cooler. Was best effort yet. Maybe a tad overdone on the flat but was tender and very flavorful
. Here is a pic of the results.
I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get any replies to your question, but it sounds like you figured it out yourself since you didn’t inject or cut it in any way the inside was still sterile. Even if it was only 3 to 3 1/2 hours in the smoker at 200 that would be more than enough to sterilize the outside. That was a good call on your part not to trash the meat and it looks delicious.!
And that is a recurring issue here on the forums on a regular basis.

No alarm=no wakey.
Yep. Multiple layers of failure. I think the fire box was actually too full of ash and this stopped the fire. I forgot to turn off due not disturb on my phone so both the Traeger app didn't alarm or my Thermospike. I didn't press the record button on the Thermospike so no record. I had never contacted Traeger before but it was a long chat that resulting in learning they had no record either so there was so type of app failure. Lots lessons learned. I might have pulled a bit too early as the flavor was great but the flat could have been a bit more tender. Point was great. I will be better prepared next time. Also no incidents of food problems so the brisket was fine after the cook. Thanks for your reply and attention!
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Hey Mark, sorry must have missed your post. Sounds like you got it covered and it turned out ok.

Glad it worked out for you, MarkC. I dont spend a lot of time here and certainly not one of the experts here, but your original post was not in the form of a question, more of a narrative. That may be why you didn't get an answer quickly. Are you typing all of this on your phone?
Good news is you figured it out and still had good eats! It's definitely Russian Roulette to blindly do an overnight smoke without taking the necessary precautions to ensure a smoker temp drop will alert you. Test it to make sure before turning in. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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