Totally far from smoking

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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
I guess that I'm for one either crazy or going thru male menapause but I sold my other play toy today. Ive had it for 20 yrs and just lost interest in it. I guess tomorrow reality will set in and I will wonder why I let it go but heres a couple of pics.


Yeah chad I will but I left some reminders in front of the house with it today.
you sold it?!? i remember you and the mrs telling me about it when y'all where down that day we cut those trees down.
Ohhh, that's a nice truck... I hope you did the right thing!

While we're on the subject, here's one of my toys...
In German, this thread would be "Faarfrumschmokin".
Just sent my 76 Silverado out for some more ponies...going up to 475-490HP. Reeeaal good on gas.
It's a '51 Plymouth Business Coupe. I bought it in '88, gave it a serious cosmetic resto, not a full blown, frame off resto. I also have a '52 Plymouth 2dr sedan, which is a fastback that is still "in progress"... pix below. The first pic is how it looked when I drug it home, the second is with the front clip removed. The next is the new engine in place, and the last is the "butt", which shows some of the body work and the neat roof line.
It's a tank! I had an Aunt that aimed one of those around town forever! I swear this woman was sooo bad she had her nephew (a lawyer) fight the state to get a drivers licence at age 60! Never drove before that.

You gota picture this little old lady about 4'5" tall sitting on like three pillows with another two behind her - 2x4's bolted to the peddles driving white knuckled down the road a about 25 MPH peeking through the steering wheel!

A hell of a lady though! Just passed last year at 98!

That's a great car Hawg!
That's funny! God bless her!

Thanks, glad you like the "Princess"... she's a helluva relic!
Nice car you have there Hawg. The deal didn't go down I still have the truck and have decided I'm keeping it. I have thought about building a smoker in the bed and am thinking about doing it.
It was meant to stay in your possession, glad you're keeping it! I like the smoker idea! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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