Top Sirlioin Santa Maria Style

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    Many don't know this but the top sirloin is the real preferred cut of Santa Maria BBQ. TV might tell you otherwise. The price is about the same as Tri-Tip but it's way more tender. Much easier to chew.

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    Ya learn something new every day.  I had a Navy buddy back in the 1980s who was from Santa Maria.  He build a cinder block pit in his backyard with the grate that could be raised and lowered.  He introduced me to Santa Maria BBQ and tri tip.  I've been a fan ever since. 

    After reading the above, I was getting ready to throw down the tri tip story when I did some fact checking.  Wow!  Although the Santa Maria BBQ tradition dates back to the 1850s, the earliest mention of meat I could find was top sirloin dating back to the 1930s.  Tri tip didn't come along until the 1950s.  Time to rewrite my understanding of Santa Maria BBQ history.  Thanks AMS.  [​IMG]


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    lots of misconceptions out there.....My grandfather was a cook with the Elks in the 50's They actually used Prime Rib. But in 47 the price of that cut shot up with steak houses opening up all over the country. They then went Top sirloin. The tri-tip thing caught fire because even though it wasn't as tender, it was able to be cooked in 45 minutes and was DIRT DIRT DIRT cheap. And it was a butcher in town that made it popular. But the fact that is was cheap and cooked faster than top sirloin made it appealing. But it's the damn TV that has got it in everyone's heads. The funny part it my grandfather would be laughing if you were to tell him that tri-tip costs more than top sirloin in many parts of the country. People in Santa Maria know this and are laughing at the whole nation on this false nastalga.
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    Fantastic looking sirloin, with a great history lesson!


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    I'll eat either,never had tough TT as long as it's cut properly I keep the wife away,as she forgets how to slice flank.:biggrin:
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    Hahaha!! You nation of Tri-tip fools!!! We, the proud, noble, Santa Marians, laugh at you all!  [email protected] all 'o ya! In fact, LMFAO at the inferior tri-tip basket of fools!!!  HAHA. HAHA I say!!! HAHA!

    -Santa Maria resident, 1943
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    Ok ok go have another couple of beers

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