Time for 2 separate pork picnic shoulders and temp control

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May 22, 2020
Hey everyone!
I’m relatively new to smoking and have had some success with chicken, sausages, a full turkey, and pork tenderloin. I’m looking to make pulled pork and grabbed some pork picnic shoulders and both are around 8-10 pounds.

I know they say about an hour a pound at 225-250 but I’m curious about doing 2 at once. If I have 18 pounds of pork but it’s cut into 2 separate shoulders would it take 18 hours or around 9. In other words, is it The cooking time based on the weight of the 2 pork shoulders together or separately?

I also am struggling a little bit with keeping my temperature high in my WSM 18.5 inch. I’m following the minion method of filling a chimney 3/4 of the way and lighting it until it’s starting to ash at the top. Then I’m pouring it on top and dispersed on 3/4 filled fire ring with unlite charcoal. Always use Kingsford and keep my vents wide open until it gets to about 275 then throw my meat on and start to slowly close them when it hits 235 ish.

This is perfect for pork or brisket but the problem I’m having is I can’t get the temp up when I’m doing shorter cooks that need to get to 275 or 300 like when I’m doing chicken or sausages. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys, you always have great advice and I’m loving being part of this community!


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Jan 14, 2014
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Your correct with around 9 hours for two pieces, but 9 hours is just a guide they may take 8 hours or they may take 13. As far as your smoker I'm not familiar with that type.

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