temp control

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  1. R

    Useing Temperature Controlled Smoker As Outdoor Oven

    I have a temperature controlled gravity feed smoker/ outdoor oven that I have been using since last winter. It has a temperature range from 200 to 700F. It recently occured to me I could use this to replicate flavor from a wood fired oven. It's worked out well. E.g., just did this Bolognese...
  2. WDFraph

    What a jerk

    Hello fellow smokers, Here's my second post in here. I just upgraded from a cheap bullet smoker to this beast down there. I just have one problem. Looking to make beef inside round roast jerky and the recipe I made before upgrading was asking for an internal temp of 170°f but I'm unable to...
  3. WDFraph

    Shooting temperature hazard

    Hello there, I'm brand new to this forum, please tell me if it as been discussed by the past... I'm a couple months old of smoking tryouts and want to perfect the temperature ability. I've got a 22 inches Weber performer with an All-in-1 ring (picture below). I did chicken this week, nailing...
  4. T

    Temp Differences once loaded up with Meat

    Hello y'all I've recently completed my offset build which is pictured below. Today I've loaded it up with a few brisket and I"ve noticed that the temp difference from side to side has increased greatly. It used to be within 5-10 degrees side to side now it's closer to 50 degrees difference...
  5. M

    New to charcoal smoking

    Hello all, First off I want to apologize if this isn't the right place to post this sort of thread but I have a question I would like to try to get an answer to. I'm still pretty new to smoking, been doing it about a year now on a propane smoker just learning the basics n stuff. But now my...
  6. islanderjsf

    BBQGuru UltraQ Usage & Comments

    All, Just acquired and had a chance to use the BBQGuru UltraQ unit for the first time this past weekend. I wanted to provide comments and there isn't much out there I can find on this unit given how new it is and I personally don't think there is much documentation on it that is helpful. I...
  7. H

    Time for 2 separate pork picnic shoulders and temp control

    Hey everyone! I’m relatively new to smoking and have had some success with chicken, sausages, a full turkey, and pork tenderloin. I’m looking to make pulled pork and grabbed some pork picnic shoulders and both are around 8-10 pounds. I know they say about an hour a pound at 225-250 but I’m...
  8. Hambone-Hambone

    All the questions!

    Hi, new to the site, spent about 6 hours reading thread after thread on bark yesterday and it seems like this is the spot for questions! So here goes! I'm a 34 y/o Vet who just got into smoking. I've been grilling since I was a kid. Grill: Just bought a Pit Boss 1000sc First Toy: Thermoworks...
  9. B

    Ok Joe offset temperature control issues.

    I purchased an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker. After cooking in it a few times I have found that controlling the temperature on a long smoke is very troublesome. I have done some mods to the smoker. I added gaskets, made a baffle for it, and added a charcoal basket. I can keep a constant...
  10. HarleySmoker417

    Second ever cook video finally posted.

    so I finally got around to editing the video of my second cook and just uploaded it. please take a look and let me know what you think.